Monday, April 26, 2010

Binge and Purge

After I wrote the lovely post about my great day, I went and binged and purged pizza and cheese curds. Really? Why can't I let myself have one good day? Why do I have to sabatoge my success? My friend and I have been up late doing homework (I still am doing homework because I spent all my time purging), and we ordered pizza and cheese curds. I told myself that it was ok because I was just being a normal college student, but then I felt really full and out of control, so I purged. I only got about half of it though, basically just the cheese curds and none of the pizza. So I might go back in a minute and do it again. I got worried that my friend would wonder where I went, so I stopped and went back to the lounge. She didn't suspect a thing. She thought I'd just gone to my room. Dummy Liz... Well, I'm sorry I'm such a fat, ugly loser. I don't deserve nice comments like the ones you guys all gave me earlier today. I hate myself. Love,



  1. Aww, don't hate yourself! You aren't a loser and you are NOT fat-- you're making amazing progress despite this minor set back. Don't let yourself be bothered by this, I know you'll get right back on track :]
    Take care,

  2. Sorry to spam your blog but I didn't see your comment on my post haha. Fail x.x

    You haven't failed at all :) Don't be sorry <3 Thanks for your support, I really appreciate it =] You're way too nice.

  3. Just don't start taking laxatives like I have started doing on a more regular basis. It's fucking hell. HELL.
    Besides, I just wanna say that really wasn't such a bad binge hey sweety :/ You can do better tomorrow.

  4. Yes, there is always tomorrow! Keep your head up, love.

  5. Oh that picture there made me hungry :( hahaha. Yeah, remeber... tomorrows another day! You're gonna be just fine! Hang in there :)

  6. yea... i can't say u did well but at least u r trying. kinda sad that we're all in this together. binge-purge-eat-guilt... it'll all come to a stop when we are all thin and happy /xo