Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Don't worry, the title has nothing to do with how my day went. I just feel off. My day was actually pretty good. I had work this morning, then my last sociology class (yes!!), and then more work. Then I went to a banquet that honored admissions office volunteers (i.e. people who host prospective students a lot), which was pretty good. And now I might go work out. Here is what I ate today:

- Breakfast: Diet Coke (1)
- Lunch: 6 jelly beans (24) and 3 Andes Mints (80)
- Dinner: Salad with Italian dressing (120), some penne pasta with marinara sauce (113), and Diet Pepsi (1)
Total calories: 337

Not too awful. The salad was the only option at the banquet besides the pasta and some nasty-looking, greasy-ass pizza. I didn't want to look weird and not eat, because that's what the banquet was for- eating. Isn't it amazing how basically everything in college revolves around food? So odd.

I ended up purging more last night, and I also took three laxatives. They didn't hurt this time, which confused me, but whatever. I can live with that! I hope they make me less fat. I hate myself for the binge last night. The goddamn pizza is still in my fridge, and I don't know what to do with it. Grr.

I joined the Livestrong site yesterday, and it has these features that allow you to track your food, exercise, and weight loss for free. And you can set a calorie goal, although it won't let me go beneath 800 (and my goal is generally 400-500 maximum). I figured out today that if I want to lose 4 pounds per week, I need to eat 550 calories per day, maximum. I think that is completely doable. I just can't mess up. I don't anticipate great losses this week, since I've already overeaten twice.

Well, I wasn't going to work out, but writing this has inspired me :) I love you guys, you make me a better person. Think thin everyone!


  1. Throw away that pizzaa!! It's better not to have temptations!! :)

  2. Hey your intake is ssososo much better than mine!

    If you join at www.calorieking.com they let you set whatever calories you want! and you do exactly the same thing- key in your food and they give you your cals + take away the exercise you did!
    Hope this helps!

  3. You are doing so well lovely :)

    Throw the pizza straight into the bin or give it to a hobo. He needs it more than you do.

    Once again, well done on doing so well.
    Your thinspo is great btw, those damn models are gorgeous.

    :) Smile!
    Stay strong, you're doing great.
    Thanks for the comments on my dreary old blog, I so appreciate it.

    Lots of love <3