Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Craving food...

Does anyone ever just want FOOD? Not vegetables, not a tiny bit of something, not a binge, just REAL FOOD. PASTA, RICE, basically I just want some hearty carbohydrates. I ate dinner tonight and the whole time I was thinking: I seriously want some pasta right now. It was so bad. I don't even want chocolate or ice cream or anything with sugar. I just want some pasta or a muffin or something.

Well, now that I got that out of my system, here is what I ate today:
- Breakfast: 4 medium strawberries (16)
- Lunch: None
- Dinner: Some beans/rice concoction (100) and some peas/carrots (40)
Total calories: 156

I stayed under the 250 calorie limit for the day easily. The only problem is that I don't have time to work out. I have a group meeting for my sociology class in 30 minutes, and then after that I am supposed to have sex with my boyfriend. Does sex count as exercise? What do you all think?

I have been so tired recently. I think that this is partly because I haven't been getting enough sleep and partly because of not eating enough and exercising a lot. I just need to get through the next two weeks and then I am officially on summer break. Unfortunately, I have to start working almost immediately, but that's alright. At least there aren't any readings or papers for work, right? Also, I am going home for a week starting May 22nd, and I want to be at least 170 by then. I calculated, and if I lose 3 lbs per week, I will be 167 lbs by May 22nd. But potentially I could lose up to 5 lbs per week, putting me at 159 lbs by May 22nd. That would be so great!! I have to get a new driver's license, so I want to look skinny :)

Oh hey, I got my class schedule for the fall semester confirmed today! Here is what I'm taking:
- Dinosaurs: Their Lost World
- Cultural Approaches to Math
- Writing 100: Cells, Pods, Links
- Life-Span Developmental Psychology
- TA for Personality Psychology
- Maybe Sculpture

That's more classes that usual, but I think that Writing 100 and Cultural Approaches should be a piece of cake, as should the TA thing, so it should be fine. I'm super excited for the fall! I wish it was the fall now. Well, except for the fact that I want to be skinny by the fall, and I'm not right now.

Well, take care ladies! Think thin.


  1. Ohmygod, the little kid inside me is so excited for you, dinosaurs. Can't even say anything else intelligible about eating or anything because you distracted me. DINOSAURS MAN? I'm jealous :)
    Have fun with your boyfriend tonight ^^ Envious of that too.

  2. That dinosaur class sounds SO cool! I wish I took something like that in undergrad! Jealous :) I love dinosaurs lol

  3. you can definitely shift that weight in two weeks :D and fab intake btw.
    i hope it's water weight - boo! xoxxxxx

  4. i hope i had your willpower to have dose intakes.
    I think sex counts as exercise, definitely lol.
    keep strong!

  5. I say count it as exercise ;P

  6. sex def burns calories lol.
    i use this to determine just about everything it has sex on there. and as long as your on your feet you burn 4 times more calories than sitting down. and i wish i had your strenght to on intake that much so inspirational.
    but good luck ^-^

  7. So this is the very first time I've visited your blog... and... I like it :) I like it alot :)
    We could be friends :) Lol.
    I'm creepy like that you know.

    Anywho... you're doing effing great, keep it up!! :D

    Stay strong girl <3 I'm always here (no really, I'm always here, I have no life) for support or whatever :)

  8. You have classes on dinos!! Jealous!!

    Ummm so I agree sometimes I just want to eat so much food (real food), like potatoes with gravy. Ahhh can't think about I will get hungry.