Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Potential Weight Loss Chart

Found this weight loss chart at
This assumes that I eat 800 calories per day (a high estimate, just in case I mess up) and do some light exercise 1-3 times per week. That's also a low estimate, because generally I do moderate exercise 3-4 times per week, but I just want to account for weeks that I overeat or don't exercise.

Start: 185 (hopefully 4-9-10)
GW1: 175 (4-28-10)
GW2: 165 (5-26-10)
GW3: 155 (6-23-10)
GW4: 145 (7-21-10)
GW5: 135 (8-18-10)
GW6: 125 (9-22-10)
GW7: 115 (10-20-10)
UGW: 105 (11-24-10)

According to this, I can be at 105 (my ultimate goal weight) by November 24th, 2010. That would be fantastic! And I can be at 165 during my visit home to Oregon, May 22nd-29th. That would be fab as well :)


  1. You have realistic goals! I love it!

    You can totally do it! I feel like we are in the same boat being at the upper end of the scale. I'm at 140 now and I've lost 14lbs since March 15. So you can definitely achieve your goals!

    Oh yeah, my UGW is 105, too!

  2. Thanks! I think I can do it too. I just need to focus and not have binge days :)
    I wish I was at 140 like you are! I have so much more to lose...

  3. Wow..I love the wright lose chart :) I started from 160lb and I'm currently at 134lb...I was lower but for a couple of weeks now I have this often binging episodes that made my gain weight as I find it very difficult to purge..I guess I became too used with trying to throw up..Good luck. Hope to hear good news soon