Monday, April 5, 2010

Intake for the Day

Yo everyone, here is what I ate today:

- Breakfast: 1/2 x-small banana (36) and 7 grapes (24)
- Lunch: Carrots (20) and a small amount of noodles (50)
- Snack (which I purged): Chocolate (200)
- Dinner: 2 pieces of cantaloupe (20), peas (40), and 5 penne noodles (50)
Total calories: 430 (not bad, considering the chocolate)

I feel pretty good about today, despite having purged chocolate, which was not in the plan. I swear, I am not going to be a purger this time! I purged a lot last time (well, I was bulimic, so I guess that makes sense), but this time I am just starving. None of this bingeing and purging nonsense. Oooh, I got another follower! It's very exciting :) Well, I seriously need to do some homework. Peace out!


  1. hullo!
    i want to get over the binge purge cycle again - starving is the way to go.
    well done.
    peace-out. think thin. xo


    :) im just starting offf.
    And Im really , really keeen on losing weight.
    I love reading other people's journys and it just makes me more movtivated