Saturday, April 17, 2010


Ok, so I was all set to do my fast. I had even figured out how to make it last until Tuesday morning! But then, this afternoon, I got a call from the Admissions office at my college. A little background: I work for the Admissions office and I host prospective students when they can't find anyone else. Basically, I am the last resort if absolutely no one volunteers. So today I got called not once, but twice, for prospies (that's what we call prospective students) that needed hosting. I already knew I was hosting on Sunday night, but I wasn't expecting it for tonight. So unfortunately I had to eat dinner with them, because I didn't want to look eating disordered. They will also be here with me for all three meals tomorrow. So basically, the fast is not possible anymore. I will just restrict to the MAX. I am upset about this, because I was so excited to finally get to do a fast! Well, here is what I ate today:

- Breakfast: None
- Lunch: None
- Dinner: A few veggies (20)
Total calories: 20

I'm not upset about my calorie intake, because it's actually really good. I'm just annoyed that these prospies had to ruin my fast. Grr. Other than that, my day was alright. I got some homework done, although I still need to do a ton more. I have two exams and a presentation on Monday, so I've really got to buckle down. And tomorrow will be really busy with both sorority things and prospie things, so tonight is my only chance to do any homework. I sent my prospies to watch a play that is being put on by the school, so I have a few hours to do some homework now. Oh, I also worked out for 2 hours this morning. I did 45 minutes on the elliptical, 45 minutes on the bike, and 30 minutes of stretching/weights/sit-ups. I burned about 1,200 calories, which is fabulous! Well, I should get to that homework. I hope everyone had a great day! Think thin :)


  1. You did amazing today =] Good luck with restricting tomorrow...that sucks >.<

  2. 20 calories is still practically a fast all by itself! I'm sorry the prospies are going to ruin your fast. You were so looking forward to it! Maybe you can just say you don't eat lunch, so you can skip that meal? Good luck! xoxo

  3. Good job! You worked out and everything. Hard work = Success!

  4. your great! I wish I could push myself that hard ! ♥ keep it up!