Monday, April 19, 2010

Busiest Day of My Life! And weight loss!

So today was the craziest day I've ever had. Actually, that's not true. But it was definitely the day filled with the most big projects/exams that I've ever had. I had a presentation in my first class which went great (got a 97%), a quiz in my second class which went horribly (70%) but it's ok because I can drop my lowest quiz score, and an exam in my last class which seemed to go alright. So overall, I'm just super glad that today is over. Unfortunately, this whole week will be a little crazy for me, so that should be interesting. I have a paper due on Wednesday, a presentation and a portfolio (basically a bunch of papers) due Thursday, and another presentation on Friday. Yay... not.

Well, along with the diet group that I'm in on PrettyThin, I just joined a 4 week diet. Here is the plan for this week, beginning with today:
Day 1 (Monday): 200 calories + exercise
Day 2 (Tuesday): 250 calories + exercise
Day 3 (Wednesday): 400 calories
Day 4 (Thursday): 200 calories + exercise
Day 5 (Friday): 300 calories + exercise
Day 6 (Saturday): 370 calories + exercise
Day 7 (Sunday): Under 200 calories or fast

It shouldn't be too hard, except for maybe Sunday. Today went pretty well. Here is what I ate:
- Breakfast: 4 medium strawberries (16)
- Lunch: Lots of veggies (75)
- Dinner: 1/2 a vegan tamale (75) and veggies (25)
Total calories: 191

I also worked out for an hour doing the elliptical and weights/sit-ups and burned about 600 calories. I wanted to stay for longer, but my boyfriend didn't bring his keys so he needed me to let him back into our room. Ok, so this is sort of changing topics suddenly, but I feel the need. So I have a tattoo on my left shoulder blade of the National Eating Disorders Association recovery symbol. Here is what it looks like (except the smaller line is purple and the bigger line is red):

I feel sort of guilty, because when I got it a year and a half ago, I promised myself that I would never go back to my eating disorder. I got it as a reminder of how much my ED sucked. So now when I see it, I feel kind of bad because I'm clearly relapsed. Hmm.

Oh hey, guess what? I lost another pound!! I'm down to 179. I haven't been below 180 since right before my senior year of high school, so 2.5 years ago! This is awesome :) Well, I need to do some serious homework. Love you all! Stay strong.


  1. Great job on that 97%!! That's awesome! I am sure the other exam went well too, and like you said with the 70, you can drop a grade, so no harm done :)

    Is this finals week for you or something? It sounds like you have a lot going on for your classes!!

    And WOOOOOOO 179! It always feels good to hit a low weight you haven't seen in a while!

    Stay strong!! xoxo

  2. yay 179 ! thats great ! ♥ ♥
    Keep up the great work

  3. Congrats on your new low weight & doing well on your tests! :)
    That's a cool tattoo...but one day, you'll get better and then it'll be okay <3 Don't feel guilty, be proud that you were strong enough to make an effort.

  4. Good luck with your plan! And congrats on the test score. You are doing awesome with calories.

    I am asking for people to post reasons they want to be thin at my blog, please contribute if you want!