Thursday, April 15, 2010

Strawberries and Kristen Stewart

I found out today that strawberries speed up your metabolism and have a diuretic effect! Sweet, I've been eating them this whole time and not knowing how great they were! Also, Kristen Stewart is super thin and pretty, even though she can't act to save her life.

Today was not too bad. I had work for four hours and class for two hours. I worked out first thing this morning. I did 30 minutes on the bike, 30 minutes on the elliptical, and 15 minutes of stretching/sit-ups. I burned about 800 calories, which is pretty good.

I've been thinking lately about this summer and how I won't have access to a gym like I do at school. Boo :( But I think what I'll do is swim all the time. I was on the swim team this past year, and it was a blast, but then I got injured (rotator cuffs in my shoulders), and it wasn't fun anymore. But now I'm better, thanks to rehab and resting, so I can swim again. I was looking up gym pricing today, and figured out that it would be a lot cheaper to swim at this pool by my boyfriend's parent's house than to get a gym membership for four months. The pool has 10-pass punch cards for $12, so my total for the summer would be something like $120 for the whole summer, and that's if I swim every single day (which I doubt I will, maybe like 5-6 days per week). And getting a gym membership would cost about $35 per month, plus an enrollment fee of anywhere between $20 and $70, equaling out to between $160 and $210. So I think swimming is the better option, and it's a full-body workout too. Plus my boyfriend's parents have some weights in their basement, so I could use those too if I wanted. Anyone have any input? Will I get tired of having to go at certain lap-swim-designated times, and doing the same thing every time? What would you do?

Well, here is what I ate today:

-Breakfast: 4 medium strawberries (16)
- Lunch: None
- Dinner: Pasta (50), peas (30), and some grilled veggies (30)
Total calories: 126, yay!

Great calorie intake today :) I love having good days! I think I only mess up when there is a group activity that involves food, like a sorority event or a family holiday. I hope there aren't any of those things soon, because I can't afford any more mess-ups. I am weighing myself tomorrow afternoon before my workout, and I'm hoping for 180. That would be so fabulous!

I have my period this week, and I just want to share a funny story (I think it's funny, but it might just be me). I was working out on Wednesday, which was the first day of my period, and I was doing the elliptical machine. Just for some background, I use a DivaCup instead of tampons, but I have a lot of problems with it, like it wanting to fall out a lot of the time (but it never actually does). During my workout on the elliptical, I seriously felt like my DivaCup was falling out, like WAY more than usual! I was seriously concerned that it would end up in my underwear. I was really uncomfortable for half the workout, but didn't want to stop. Sometimes, being a woman is such a hassle! Luckily, I did the elliptical again today and my DivaCup stayed put. Thank goodness!

Well, I feel like I have successfully overshared for the day, so I will go do some homework now. I seriously wish the semester was over!!! Think thin everyone!


  1. I have two huge things of strawberries in my fridge. Dinner for tonight! Thanks for the tip!

  2. you always do so goood!
    Me on the other hand....soshit.

  3. Great intake for today-- and sweet! I love frozen strawberries :3
    I think swimming's a great idea, but maybe just casually go swimming with your friends some time to keep it fun?
    Take care,