Thursday, April 22, 2010

Almost done...

Almost done with the semester, not with the weight loss. Does anyone ever just wish they could be normal? I usually think these things when I really want to eat something that I shouldn't. Like tonight at dinner, it was pasta and garlic bread plus some delicious-looking dessert, and I seriously wanted it. I had more pasta than I should have because I wanted it so bad. I just took three laxatives to compensate, although I really didn't eat that much. Still, I feel better having taken the laxatives. Three is still within the recommended dose, so it's fine. Here is what I ate today:

- Breakfast: 4 medium strawberries (16) and 2 slivers of cantaloupe (5)
- Lunch: Diet Pepsi (1) and 2 chocolate Pockey sticks (22)
- Dinner: Pasta (120) and mixed vegetables (30)
Total calories: 194

Not too bad. I also worked out this afternoon for a little over an hour. I did the elliptical for 15 minutes, and then my ankles started to hurt (I have Achilles tendinitis from dancing in high school), so I switched to the stationary bike and did that for 30 minutes. I burned about 500 calories, which is not bad. I've been super tired and weak-feeling recently, which makes it hard to motivate myself to work out, and also makes it hard to actually work out. I tried to push myself to 45 minutes on the bike, but couldn't do it. I'm just so tired! I feel like this is partly me being lazy, and partly being exhausted. I've just got to get more sleep, and I'll be fine.

Oh hey, I'm down another pound! I was 177 when I weighed today. I hope to be 175 by Sunday, although I would be happy with 175 by next Wednesday (the 28th) too. That's my goal date for 175.

My semester is finally winding down. All I have left is a presentation tomorrow, a take-home final that is due Tuesday, a final draft of a paper due Friday, a final on next Saturday, and a final on next Tuesday. It sounds like a lot, but after tomorrow and the take-home final, the rest should be relatively easy. I've had so much work this semester, you have no idea... I'm so glad to get to relax for a few days after school gets out, before I start working.

Ok, so I just want to make a comment. Pretty much everyone who comments on my blog says things like "I wish I were as strong as you!" and "You are such an inspiration!". Well, you guys are too!! You are all super inspirational to me, and I couldn't do this without you.

I love you girlies to bits. Xoxoxo.


  1. I always wish I could be normal....but then I think what is normal anyways? I like being a little insane. Keeps things interesting! haha.

  2. i have a couple of things i'd like to say:
    a) i love love that picture

    b) you have been doing so amazing, always staying so low calorie-wise!! keep it up!

    c) that post you wrote about your ed recovery tattoo, i dont think you need to feel guilty at all. eds are never fully gone and ana/mia or whoever is always going to be there so they shouldn't call the tattoo a recovery tattoo. it is a tattoo that shows just how strong you are that you are still here today.

  3. The amount of pasta was so small, it couldn't have done much damage, so don't fret too much about it! You're doing great! It seems like every time you post, you have lost another pound! You're totally going to blow past 175 before the 28th, I know it! Stay strong!!

  4. wow you did so good. i love that you comment on my post and i love reading yours i dont really have anyone to share whats going on with and know that you are here make me feel normal so i do feel we are normal just when were among eachother and thats ok.
    but good luck and stay thin and i take laxatives to just make sure you find a way to put electrolites back in your body so you dont get sick ^_^!

  5. Oh i know, i wish i could be normal too. Cause though i want to lose weight, and i don't eat... I like food, i mean the taste, etc... Too bad what it does to my body (fat). Anyway
    Oh, I'm matilda by the way... cool blog :)

  6. :D You're such an inspiration! I'm sorry to basically quote your own line up there word for word haha but it's so true!! You did great today :]