Sunday, April 4, 2010

Already posted today, but...

I feel like I should write what I ate and stuff. Here is my intake for the day:

- Breakfast: Blueberries and raspberries with a little Cool Whip, plus four bites Panakuken (about 200)
- Lunch: Sobe LifeWater (0) and 2 bites of banana bread (maybe 30)
- Dinner: Subway 6-inch veggie sub (230)
Total calories: 460

I was really productive today, too, so I'm proud of myself. I got almost a whole paper done, and wrote two pages of another one (that one has to be 7-9 pages eventually, ugg). I hope this next week is good! The plan for tomorrow is to eat small amounts of fruit for breakfast, then eat a very small amount of the fettuccine that is for lunch tomorrow, and then only eat veggies for dinner. I have to eat small amounts of the foods that I used to really like, or else my boyfriend gets suspicious. He is already worried, so I don't want to worry him more :) Well, I need to go print out a paper! Will post more tomorrow.

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  1. good eating a little bit here and there makes people less suspisous... it also keeps you from feeling really ill... good luck and sorry about my horrible spelling