Friday, April 9, 2010

My Day, Weight Loss, and Thinspo

Hello lovelies! Today was pretty good. I was really sore this morning from all the running last night. My hamstrings are so sore right now that I can barely walk, but it is totally worth it. Today's intake was marginally good.

- Breakfast: 20 grapes (68)
- Lunch: Macaroni and cheese, plus some skim milk (about 300)
- Dinner: Some pasta (100), peas (40), and corn (30)
Total calories: 538

So not too bad, but I wish I hadn't eaten the macaroni and cheese. Every Friday, one of the dining halls on my campus serves delicious macaroni and cheese, and everyone rushes to get it before it runs out. I used to love this, but now I don't because I CAN'T EAT IT! But I still have to eat it, at least half of it, because it will look too weird if I suddenly stop eating the foods that I love. It's unfortunate.
Today I also worked out for an hour. I biked for 30 minutes, did the elliptical for 10 minutes, and lifted weights/did sit-ups for the remaining 20 minutes. I burned a total of 690 calories, which is good, but it barely cancels out what I ate :(
Also today, I weighed myself and I'm down another pound to 183! I'm finally back on track to lose a pound per day :)
Well, here is some thinspo. Enjoy!


  1. well done thats awesome. Don't worry about the girls in the dorm they'll get over it. Just say you wanna start being healthier. That works with my parents, i got a necklace instead of easter eggs from them!

  2. Nice :) Thanks for the advice!

  3. beautiful thinspo. and well done on balancing out the mac and cheese with the exercise. keep up the good work babe. xoxxxx