Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pasta Salad

Yucky, pasta salad is nasty. But anyway, today was pretty good. I got absolutely nothing productive done, but that's alright. My boyfriend and I had sex this afternoon, which we haven't do in quite a while, and I actually enjoyed it, which is also new. I've been having a serious lack of sex drive recently, which is a huge issue for me, since my boyfriend has a huge sex drive :) So I'm sure I burned some calories doing that! I also had an hour long conversation with my sister, whom I've recently gotten close to, about her asshole boyfriend dumping her last night. What a jerkface! Sooo... here is what I ate today:

- Breakfast: 1 medium strawberry (4) and 9 grapes (31)
- Lunch: Penne pasta with marinara sauce and broccoli (170)
- Dinner: A bit of vegan black bean soup (70), 6 pieces of pasta salad (30), and 1/4 a black bean burger (40)
Total calories: 345

Not bad, considering the food I was forced to eat today. I used to love pasta and wolf it down whenever it was served in the dining hall, but now I can't really eat it. But when it is served, I have to pretend to eat it and like it... On top of that, there was a stupid indoor picnic at dinner with burgers and pasta salad and NO VEGGIES! Tragedy. So overall, pretty good day. How are you girlies doing?


  1. How do you know how many calories are in what you eat ?

  2. I estimate by looking up the nutrition info on and trying to guess how much I ate. For example, I know that 10 grapes have 34 calories (from, so that's 3.4 calories per grape. So this morning I have 5 grapes, making my total 17 calories.