Friday, April 23, 2010

Another Friday

Hi guys! How is everyone? My day was alright. I didn't end up working out like I wanted to, just because I'm so tired. I took a nap instead. Those laxatives that I took last night were killer! I haven't taken laxatives in almost four years, and I'd forgotten what happens, lol. They didn't do anything until my classes this morning, and then I was in agony all throughout my first two classes, until they finally stopped torturing my intestines and I could go to the bathroom. Yuck. But on the bright side, I feel flushed out and clean! And I lost another pound! I'm down to 176, and I feel like at this rate, I will definitely be at 175 by Sunday. The only problem is that I don't have access to a scale until Monday, unless I go bug my friend and borrow hers. I might do that...

I think I'm going to cut back on my work outs. Eating less than 300 calories all week and working out every day is starting to wear on me. I think that it works better when I work out 3-4 times per week instead of 5-6. But the calories this week were really good :) Here is what I ate today:

- Breakfast: 4 medium strawberries (16) and an orange Crystal Light packet (10)
- Lunch: Pasta (50) and mixed vegetables (50)
- Dinner: 1 grilled Portabello mushroom cap (50) and corn/broccoli (75)
Total calories: 251

Not too bad, but more than I wanted to eat. I have to go to two parties later tonight too, and I'm afraid that I might end up eating or drinking something. I will bring a Diet Pepsi to both things and sip on it the whole time. I might also be going out with friends to get half-priced appetizers from Applebee's, but I won't eat anything. Just sip on Diet Pepsi! I'm glad I'm drinking soda again, because I seriously missed it :) I didn't drink it for almost two months.

Well, I need to go to the first party soon, so I will wish you all goodnight. Love you all, you are all such inspirations to me! Think thin :)


  1. Good luck at the parties! I am sure with your plan, you will do great :)


    I know just what you mean about the laxatives, I took some last night and... gosh. It's like death. I'm pretty sure if you sin your whole life and die then hell is definitely laxatives. XD But hey... shit happens. Haha.

    Wellll donnne on the calorie intake :) I think you ate less calories this whole week than I did in one day. Congrats :)
    You're an inspiration, I can barely get my ass to excercise twice a week and you're doing it almost every day...


  3. Laxatives = killerrr. Like my god. Slipping them to someone you hate would be perfect revenge, that's how bad they can be ahahaha.
    You ate so great this week! :] Lol, I feel like such a beast compared to you :( Exercising as often as you do is legit so impressive...but agree, take it down a notch if it's too hard on your body :]
    You can totally make it to 175 by then =]
    Take care,