Sunday, July 11, 2010

Getting a scale today!

I'm getting a new scale today, because I'm tired of not being able to weigh myself. I thought about getting some diet pills too, but I'm aways afraid that I won't be able to lose weight without them if I stopped taking them. So I think I won't get any.

I ended up eating a lot yesterday at 6 Flags, which is unfortunate. But I also sat in the car for 10 hours (burning 1,569 calories) and walked around for 7 hours (burning 1,648 calories). Plus I sweated up a storm! So hopefully there isn't too much damage. But I had a ton of fun! 6 Flags is awesome. Unfortunately, my feet hurt a ton all day (because of my Achilles tendinitis and plantar fasciitis), so I couldn't ride as many rides as I wanted to.

But anyway, here is what I've eaten so far today/plan to eat:
- Breakfast: None (sleeping)
- Lunch (already eaten): 4 pancakes (180)
- Dinner (not eaten yet): None (I'm planning on telling one family that I'm eating with the other family, and vice versa, thereby skipping dinner altogether)
Total planned calories: 180

I texted Robin all yesterday. Robin, I just want to say that you are awesome! Thanks for being there to support me.

I have a goal that I want to meet. I am probably around 180 right now, so I want to be 150 by August 23rd (the day of school registration). That requires that I lose 5 pounds per week between now and then, which is completely doable. Especially since I usually lose 10 pounds in the week after a binge (like next week). So then I'd be ahead of schedule! Let's hope that happens. Between now and August 23rd, I will eat under 500 calories per day. NO EXCUSES. There will be no fuck ups. None. Zip. Nada.

LET'S DO THIS. Game on.


  1. Good luck, you can do it! <3

  2. So proud of you! Wish I were that strong.

  3. aww thank you lovie, u can always text me when u need support :)