Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Today was fantastic! I did a lot at work and was really productive, but also didn't work too hard. The office put out a job advertisement this morning, and by 5 pm we already had 45 resumes! Jeez, people must be really desperate. I spent the last hour of work going through the resumes and making piles: yes, no, and maybe. The "yes" pile already has at least 10 resumes of people we want to interview. WOW.

Ok, so here is my fabulous intake:
- Breakfast: 7 raspberries (7) and Diet Coke (0)
- Lunch: Diet Sierra Mist (0)
- Dinner: HUGE salad (30) with fat-free Italian dressing (20) and croutons (30)
Total calories: 87

How is that possible?? I wasn't even hungry until like 5 pm!! I think the green tea pills are working, honestly. I had a ton of energy almost all day, and I wasn't hungry at all until the evening. Wow! Sorry, I'm just so amazed at this...

After work, a bunch of coworkers and I had a craft night at the office. It was super fun! We ordered dinner and chatted (and it was super easy to just order a salad, because they all know I'm on a diet, and my other coworker is also dieting), and I am almost finished knitting my sock now! I've been trying to finish this dumb sock all summer, so thank goodness it's almost finished :)

OH! Also, I just want to mention that I was 177.6 this morning! I lost 1.6 pounds (down from 179.2 yesterday). I'm really hoping to be 175.something tomorrow, but we'll see how that goes. After only having 87 calories today, it might be possible... I hope!! :) :) :)

On another note, I've been doing something this week that I really like. I got the idea from Wren; I've been trying to integrate a new habit into my life each week. So this is week 1, and my goal is to take all my pills every day. I take an antibiotic pill, an allergy pill, a green tea pill, and a multivitamin every morning. I take another green tea pill at lunch, and another antibiotic pill at dinner. So far (it's day 3), I've taken all my pills every day! Yay for that :) I don't know what next week's goal will be, but I'll figure it out.

Ok, how about some thinspo?? These are all pictures of supermodel Candice Swanepoel (warning, partial nudity on the last pic). Enjoy! She's hot and gorgeous and skinny :) Stay strong <3


  1. Wauw good job sweetie !

  2. Go you for losing, that's awesome! It so good to see the numbers slowly drop isn't it? Thanks for the comments, they help me keep motivated :-)

    I see you do craft. Me too, I love cardmaking and scrapbooking. I can't knit or sew to save my life but hey, you can't have everything.

    Keep on keeping strong!