Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 2 of fast- success!

Today was fabulous. Well, at least my intake was fabulous :) I have only had Diet Coke, water, and one sugar-free Popsicle (25 calories). So that's great!

I was really productive at work. I actually got everything done and had nothing else to do... how does that happen?? Unfortunately, I was still nauseated all day (although not as bad as last night) and my head hurt on and off. But the good news is that I have 9 hours of work tomorrow and then I have Friday off!! Yay :)

I was going to fast until Monday night, but I just made plans with a friend for a "pizza and movie night" for Friday night. So I'll be fasting for 4 days still :) Not too shabby! I am serious about the weight loss this time. No fuck ups. I must get thin.

Speaking of thin, I lost five freaking pounds in one day! I was 181.6 yesterday (Tuesday morning) and I was 176.0 this morning (Wednesday morning). OMG!! How is that possible?? Amazing.

Btw, I love you guys! I absolutely LOVE seeing your comments :) It completely makes my day. You are all amazing!! I <3 you.

Stay strong everyone :) Have a fantastic evening.


  1. wow girl, congratulations! you're really doing awesome and it's really inspirational! so proud of you and i hope i can be as strong as you are. Plus, 5 pounds in one day?! That's crazy! you should definitely celebrate that somehow! congrats, and keep it up!
    -frenzy xX

  2. Well done! That's so awesomeeee. <3

  3. asd;lvinawoeifj;laknb wtf you be defyin nature girl!! I honestly don't know how that's possible, and I have seen many an impossible thing happen with this crazy mess *clutches head in amazement*

    I'm totes jealous :) But you just made me totally happy by living vicariously through your magical pound-meltage. rock on!


  4. Omg 5 freaking pounds !! Im soooo proud of you , thats just sooo amazing !! I want that tooo ! Good luck today sweetie !

  5. congrats on the five pounds! Woot!

  6. congrats lovie, i'm so proud of you. ur so much stronger than i could ever hope to be.

  7. keep strong! we WILL be skinny xx

  8. :O How the FUCK did you do that?!? Cut your insane waist-length hair off? Give birth? Put down the handbag with the brick in it? TELL MEEE!! XD

    Nomnomnom, I must find popsicles!

    *Goes on mission*


  9. I gave you a Blogger addict award!

  10. P.S.
    Heheheheeee! Yup, sabotage has to be the most fun thing EVER! Schadenfreude, FOR THE FIN< MOTHERFUCKEEEEEEEERS!!

    Pic it will be, lol!

  11. hi, i live in Italy and lucky for me i learned english in 6 grade. i like your blog it's very inspirational. i even started my own blog. please give me support.

  12. My book either stays in my bag next to my planner as an extra cute uni book, or hides in the pile of uni books. Nobody but you guys know what it is atm.

    You are far more talented than me, you'd probably make one so awesome it'd explode and destroy the planet! XD

    xoxo, Kia kaha Lovely Liz!