Monday, July 12, 2010

Crazy day at work

Today at work, the office manager quit. I've been fed up with her behavior for a while, because she never does any work. She only had two responsibilities: checking private insurance and making appointment reminder calls. And she only did one (checking private insurance), while I did the other for her. I was hoping she'd be fired, but she flipped out today and quit. I will miss her, because she's a nice person, but I'm glad she's gone. After she left, I learned how to check insurance and take referrals, thank goodness, because the other office worker can't do everything by herself! Gosh, so much drama!

My intake was alright, but not great. Here it is:
- Breakfast: 10 raspberries (10)
- Lunch: Snow peas and water chestnuts (48), veggie lo mien (220), and 2 fortune cookies (70)
- Snack: Mini Crunch bar (52) and mini Butterfinger (45)
- Dinner: 1 piece of Schwan's pizza (240)
Total calories: 685

I was hoping to stay under 500 calories, but I was coerced into buying lunch at work, so I ended up eating more than I should have. However, I'm still under 800 calories, so it's ok :) I was going to work out, but I wanted to get home in time to go to Sam's Club with my bf's mom... but then we didn't even go! So I'll work out tomorrow... or maybe I'll drive over there tonight. I haven't decided yet. Either way, there is a work out in my future.

I finally weighed myself this morning, and I'm 182. However, this is likely due to both my Saturday binge day and the fact that I'm on my period. I feel nasty and bloated :( But I'm sure I can lose it quickly. I want to be 175 next Monday (July 19th).

Stay strong ladies! I love you all <3


  1. So did you just get promoted? Or even just getting more responsibility is awesome, it's all experience!

    You so often sound completely on track with intake, you're very inspiring!


  2. Lol, I don't know how I'm doing it. Start as you mean to go on, right?

    Good riddance to the office manager! People like that really grot me. They are lovely people who are great outside of work, but inside of work they are bloody awful for not doing their jobs D:

    <3 Love you!

  3. You're intake was fine! :]
    Stay strong. <3

  4. Wow! I think you did very well!!