Thursday, July 1, 2010

Not doing so well...

Feeling self-destructive. I binged and purged tonight. That's something I haven't done in months. I also started smoking today... as if my throat needed any more torture.

I hope everyone is doing better than me :) Stay strong.


  1. Hope you wake up & have a better day!

  2. That ice cream looks lethal.


  3. hey girly, sometimes u need to do the destructive shit to psychologically purge whatever you're feeling. i've been there, i'm still there. questions is why do u feel that way?

    i hope being destructive helped in it's demented way.

  4. I'm sorry :( I know you'll pick it back up tomorrow! xoxo

  5. *BIG HUGS* I hope you feel better soon, i'm here for support and ranting love.

    Thank you for your comment honey, it was lovely. As you said, You'll get back on track my lovely, i know you will. Believe in yourself :)