Friday, July 9, 2010

Wow, I'm totally nutso...

It's true, you know it ;) Today at work, I had a coworker get me a large Diet Coke from Burger King. When it came, I started drinking it and realized it tasted a little odd. Then I thought, what if it isn't really  Diet?? The more I thought about it, the more I thought it tasted like regular Coke instead of Diet Coke. I had two other coworkers taste it, and they both said it tasted like a mixture of Diet and regular, because it wasn't strong enough to be all regular Coke. I'm thinking it was about half-and-half, and I tried to forget about it and drink it, but I couldn't finish it. I couldn't stop thinking about how many calories it could be if it were regular Coke! A large Coke from Burger King has 390 calories in it, while a large Diet Coke has 0. So if it were half-and-half, it would have 195 calories. I'm thinking that the BK worker started putting regular Coke in my cup, then realized it was supposed to be a Diet Coke, so switched it to Diet Coke, and that's how it got mixed. Arg! I am a woman-obsessed... totally nutso.

In other news, here is my intake:
- Breakfast: Diet Dr. Pepper (0)
- Lunch: Coke/Diet Coke (195) and a broccoli and cheese tray (40)
- Snack: 1 Andes Creme de Menthe (47), 1 marshmallow (25), and 3 chips (35)
- Dinner: Veggie fried rice (130)
Total calories: 473

I wish I could have just dumped the Coke/Diet Coke out, but a) I didn't want to look crazy and b) I really needed the caffeine. Grr. Tomorrow I'm going to Six Flags Great America with my bf's family and my bf, so I should be walking around a whole lot :) However, because of my foot injury, I can't walk too much. Gotta be careful.

Wish me luck for restricting while being with my bf's family all day! Stay strong <3


  1. Good luck with your restricting!

  2. Weird. For whatever reason I thought Burger King had Pepsi products o_O; Shows how often I hit up fast food joints.

    Gah! I have the same fear no matter the circumstance. I could be filling up my own soda at the fountain, and it's still like, "What if they stocked the wrong drink..." Especially in the theater. That's the worst. :(

    I totally feel for you.

  3. I totally know the feeling of being paranoid about what kind of soda they put in my cup. I'm like, "Either they gave me tons of disgusting, unwelcomed calories and should be fired for trying to make me fat again, or I'm just feeling guilty for drinking soda at all." Therefore, I always drink water. Always. :)

    Best of luck! It seems like you're doing soo good thus far. I believe in you. We all do.

  4. Heh heh, i love crazy moments like that. Recently my boyfriend, ahem, posited the scenario of how i would react if my height had been incorrectly measured at 5'10 and i was in fact 5'9 - and how that would impact on the calculations of my BMI. In the scenario i freaked out internally about how that would OBVIOUSLY mean that i was somehow... fatter.

  5. lol i'm so the same way about diet vs non diet. the ex can taste aspartame so i'd always have him check it. honestly most places don't have the mix right so it usually tastes a lil like regular because they use too much syrup. i have thrown out more than one soda (one on sunday lol) because i couldn't be convinced it was zero calories. sorry you feel this pain as well.