Thursday, July 8, 2010

Another good day!!

Rawr! That's what I have to say :)

Today I had work from 8 am to 6 pm, so a VERY long day. The office manager has been sick all week with a kidney infection, so I've been sitting in her spot and greeting all the clients. This, combined with answering the phones and having a ton of work anyway, has made this week (and today especially) really busy and stressful. Also today, I had a doctor appointment. Luckily he didn't call me obese this time or comment on my weight! Lol.

My intake was alright today:
- Breakfast: Fiber One yogurt (50) and Diet Coke (0)
- Lunch: Nerd Rope (90), Sour Patch Kids (44), and Diet Coke (0)
- Dinner: 2 marshmallows (50) and veggie fried rice (350)
Total calories: 584

Not horrible, not fabulous either. I might work out later (45 minutes on the stationary bike), but I haven't decided yet. I hope you all have a great evening! Stay strong <3

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  1. That count is great.
    Also, I have to mention, I love your blog layout.