Friday, May 28, 2010

Failure and Picture

I've decided it's time for a picture. This picture is from a sorority event. So here I am, in my full and fat glory. In this picture, I'm probably about 175 or 180 pounds.

**Picture deleted for privacy**

My eating has been out of control these past few days... It doesn't help that a) I'm on my period and b) I'm at my parent's house so it's difficult to restrict anyway. I just gave up on Wednesday, because it was just too hard. I'm a loser.

Starting on Sunday, I'm going to be good again. There should be no interruptions (like trips or holidays) that will ruin my diet again until school starts in August. I WILL LOSE 40 POUNDS!!!!

Love you all :)


  1. New reader here! Just wanted to wish you luck with your Sunday new beginning!

  2. Good luck on that - but start today. Start right now. Remember, tomorrow never comes. xxx

  3. It is so hard to have to admit when you've had a failure-and it is really admirable that you can recognize it and even post about it. The trick is to think of each day as a battle in a much bigger war. This has helped me a lot in my life-it is so easy to think "Well, I already messed today up-so f**k it!" But we all have those days, we all have small failures ALL THE TIME! Keep reminding yourself that you are NOT alone! When you have a slip-up, try to immediately be thinking about what you can do to fix it instead of focusing on what you did. It is definitely easier said than done, but LadyKitten is right-sometimes tomorrow never comes. Try to focus on the BIG PICTURE: You reaching your ultimate weight loss goals! Which you WILL!!!! You can do this!!