Friday, May 21, 2010

Going home tomorrow :)

Hey girls! How is everyone? No one has been commenting on my blogs, which makes me really sad. What happened to everyone? I used to get six or seven comments per blog. I haven't lost any followers... Hey, I lost another pound! I'm down to 178 :)

Today was pretty good. I worked in the front office of my work for the first time today. I learned the correct way to answer the phones, two different filing systems, and how to make appointment reminder calls. On Thursday June 3rd, I will have to run the front office by myself because the other two office workers will be at a conference. I hope I can do it! My food was alright:

- Breakfast: Yogurt (100)
- Lunch: 12 carrots (30)
- Dinner: Veggie fajitas (200), a bit of rice (50), 3 chips (50), and Diet Coke (0)
Total calories: 430

I had to go out to dinner with my boyfriend's parents, so that's why I ate all that Mexican food. I really didn't eat that much though. I'm flying home tomorrow with my bf for a week, and I hope my parents don't make me eat too much... I'm worried they'll catch on to my ED.

That's it, I don't have much to say today. I have to go pack :/ Stay strong!


  1. haha still following u, so no worries :) it always amazes me how people like u can balance a healthy relationship and at the same time deal with ED... i can never do it! boyfriend to me means eating out with him, and i'm so scared that i'll be eating more than i am as a single. congratz on a pound loss! /xo

  2. Hope your trip home goes well xx I'm glad you're enjoying ur job, I'm sure u'll be fine managing the front desk alone by then!!!

  3. Hey! I've been commenting on your blogs ):

    Congrats on the weight-loss!! (:
    I need some inspiration and motivation so I read blogs like yours for that. (:
    Well done <3


  4. I just caught up on all your entries since I had to take my little hiatus to study. You sound like you've been doing very well with your intake! I hope you have fun at home, and I hope your parents don't catch on to your relapse! Good luck xoxo