Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Plan!

Ok, so here is my plan for the next eight months:

Monday, May 17th-Friday, May 21st: The week before my trip home
- Stay under 800 calories
- Minimal eating, but look normal

Saturday, May 22nd-Saturday, May 29th: My trip home to Oregon
- Stay under 800 calories
My parents will know if I'm restricting too much, because they've seen me do it before, so I have to be careful.

Sunday, May 30th-Friday, June 11th: The 2 weeks before my bf leaves
- Stay under 500 calories
- Avoid eating with people, look normal

Saturday, June 12th-Friday, August 8th: My bf is gone during this time
- Stay as low as possible (500 cals max)
- Skip lunch, avoid dinner

Saturday, August 9th-Friday, August 20th: Time before I go back to school
- Stay under 500 calories
- Restrict, look normal

Saturday, August 21st-Wednesday, December 15th: Fall 2010 semester
- Stay as low as possible
- No lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays

I hope this works out. I'm tired of being a fat pig, and I want to lose weight. I must be thin!
I hope you are all doing well. Stay strong!


  1. Like that you're planning it all out. I might just copy you, my boyf will be gone for 2 1/2 weeks, so I can really restrict then, and school finishes June 10th, so no more eating in front of my students... :)

    Maybe we could do an exercise plan too???

  2. Oh great plan!

    I might copy you too - need that bikini bod in two weeks! :S

    Good luck with it all!!! XD xoxo