Saturday, May 29, 2010

Birthday and Plan

So I guess I should probably explain: The reason I'm not starting my restricting until Sunday is because today is my birthday. I turned 20! Not a teenager anymore :) I just didn't feel like starving on my birthday, especially since my boyfriend's parents made me a cake and stuff.

But tomorrow, it is ON! I am making a pledge to not binge AT ALL during the next three months. No binging for me. I WILL NOT BINGE. I'm hoping that if I say it enough, it will happen, lol. Here is my plan for the next two weeks (my boyfriend leaves for his summer language program in two weeks):

- Breakfast: None (or if necessary, yogurt = 60 calories)
- Lunch: 14 carrots (35) and string cheese (60)
- Dinner: Whatever is served (maximum 300 calories)
Total calories: 455

I'm hoping that I won't have to eat breakfast and lunch at all, but I will if I have to.Here is the plan for after my boyfriend leaves:

- Breakfast: None
- Lunch: None
- Dinner: Whatever is served (maximum 300 calories)
Total calories: 300

I am going to take my vitamins and stuff with my dinner so that I don't upset my stomach. THIS WILL WORK OUT!!! I WILL LOSE WEIGHT! I need to lose 12.5 pounds per month, or an average of 3 pounds per week, to get down to 105 by the beginning of December (my goal). I CAN DO THIS!

Ya'll are awesome :) Stay strong!


  1. Haaaaaapy biiiiiiirthdaaaaaay! Have a great day :) xxx


    ::Gives Virtual Gemini High-Five::

  3. Happy birthday to you!
    Happy birthday to you!
    Happy birthday dear Lizzzzzz,
    Happy birthday to you! :D

    You can totally do it :]

  4. Happy Birthday! And good luck with the new plan (again)...sorry if it sounded mean before. :)

  5. Happy Birthday, hope it was fantastic!