Monday, May 31, 2010

Music Lover's Award

Hey girls! I got the Music Lover's Award from Sunflowerrr :)
Here are the rules:
1. List your ten favorite songs on your iPod.
2. State the color of said iPod.
3. Pass the award on to 11 fellow music-loving bloggers.

Ten Favorite Songs:
1) Blah Blah Blah- Ke$ha
2) Bad Romance- Lady Gaga
3) Her Diamonds- Rob Thomas
4) She's Falling Apart- Lisa Loeb
5) Courage- Superchick
6) Paper Bag- Fiona Apple
7) Rosario Tijeras- Juanes
8) 10,000 Miles- Mary Chapin Carpenter
9) All The Same- Sick Puppies
10) Lucky- Jason Mraz

I have a silver iPod nano that I use pretty much every day. I also have a purple iPod shuffle that I won last year, but I have never used it because I already have my silver nano.

11 Music-Loving, Award-Winning Bloggers:
1) Wren
2) LM
4) Emry
5) Madz
6) J
10) Lola

I love music :) Currently, Ke$ha is my favorite, but my boyfriend hates her so I can't listen to her very often. Is it bad that I can't wait until he leaves? It's mostly for selfish reasons. Because a) I don't want him watching my food intake, b) I want to be able to do what I want, when I want to, and c) I want to sleep better (and I can't do that as well when he's in the same bed). Does anyone else experience this? I mean, I will miss him, but I also want a break.

Have a good night, and stay strong!


  1. NOT AT ALL! I can totally relate to your problems with not wanting him around. I feel like I have to watch everything I say/ do!

  2. Thanks li'l Liz! You're such a sweetie!


  3. i'm totally the same way about sleeping in a bed with my bf. it's only a double bed (its the bed i've had since i was like 12) and with my fat ass and tendency to spread out, its super claustrophobic in there and i sleep twice as hard without him in it. sad thing is, he can't sleep without me. lol