Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Good Day, plus Blogger Addict Award!

Today was great! I had work, finally (I've been soooo bored). I basically filed things all day :) Is it weird that I love filing?? Here is what I ate today:

- Breakfast: None
- Lunch: 14 baby carrots (35) and 25 grapes (75)
- Dinner: 1 piece of pizza (240)
Total calories: 350

I pretended to eat a cheese stick for breakfast while my boyfriend was in the shower. I also took a yogurt to work for lunch, but threw it out before lunch time so I wouldn't have to eat it. I escaped 180 calories :)
In other news, Madz gave me the Blogger Addict Award! Here are the rules:
1) List 5 things that piss you the fuck off
2) List 5 things you love
3) Name as many awesome bloggers to give the award to as you want :)

5 Things That Piss Me the Fuck Off
1) Flaky people
2) People commenting on my eating or weight
3) Dirty dishes left in the sink overnight
4) People who say "meh" instead of "me" when typing something or talking
5) People who talk too much about stuff I don't care about at all

5 Things I Love
1) Gum- I'm a serious gum addict
2) Reading- I love reading!!
3) Knitting and sock yarn :)
4) Sleeping
5) Lotion- I can't survive without my lotion

Awesome, Blog-Addicted Bloggers

Ya'll are awesome! I hope your days went good as well :) Stay strong everyone!


  1. Oh yes.
    This proves it.
    My made-up award kicks some serious ass and is most obviously superior.

    You said "fuck"!!! YAY!

    (: Love,

    (hahahhaahahhahaha just did that to piss you the fuck off.)

  2. SOCK YARN AND SAYING FUCK!! This post gave me many smiles. xx

  3. Teehee! A nomination! How lovely! Thank you honey :)

    It's SO not that weird that you love filing, i have a huge love of organisation. But it IS partly a compulsive thing; when i'm stressed or anxious a good list makes me feel more in control. Maybe i'm just crazy.

    What was even MORE irritating was that i DID in fact have a laptop. Just not one with a working keyboard. So i could view blog posts, read and publish comments but not reply to any of them or create my own post. SO FUCKING FRUSTRATING. It's the same for my iPhone as well, can do all of the same but not write anything. But it's all cool now, i got a slimline keyboard i can plug into my laptop so i am baaaaaaack! :)


  4. YARGH, bad grammar bothers me like you wouldn't BELIEVE. In speech too, when i was a child my father would always reprimand me whenever i spoke sloppily or dropped a t and taught me a really wive vocabulary - and i've just never lost that. Little to no slang either. Apparently it makes me sound particularly posh or well spoken. It DOES mean that i have trouble holding a conversation with anyone who has a particularly strong accent or uses colloquialisms heavily, it's both debilitating and quite funny sometimes


  5. Argh, shit, i just noticed that you choose to approve comments so i accidentally posted two. I think the second one is better though, and this one is vaguely embarrassing and draws attention to my silliness.