Thursday, August 5, 2010

My boyfriend is coming home!!

My bf is coming home tonight, probably around 9 pm, and I am soooo excited! He sent me this really cute text today that said, "I can wait to see you... naked!" Lol. I can't wait to see him naked either ;) I am seriously deprived. And now that I'm not really depressed anymore (because of the meds and because I'm eating again), I actually have a sex drive! It's great.

I have been doing alright, foodwise, but I've been eating a whole bunch of crap. Like yesterday I ate four cupcakes. Really?? But the good news about that is that I don't really care all that much. I ate the cupcakes and didn't feel guilty about it. Normally I would be beating myself up like crazy over something like that, so this is good news! Also, I mentioned that I ate four cupcakes to my coworker, and she was all like "Oh, you should have had something healthier instead," and I totally didn't mind or care that she knew that I ate so many cupcakes. Normally I would NEVER tell anyone what I ate, and I would be humiliated if they knew. But I didn't really care. It's great!! I don't have the same amount of social anxiety that I used to, and it's fabulous.

So I only have two weeks until I go back to school! Two weeks from tomorrow will be my last day of work. Thank goodness! I love the people I work with, but sometimes the job is just horrible. Not always, but sometimes. However, I got this great phone call today from this lady who wanted therapy who told me that I would make a great therapist someday :) That was good. Today actually went pretty well, compared to the rest of the week. I barely had anything to do, so I actually got to sit around and chat for a bit. I also went to lunch at Panera Bread with my coworkers, which was a lot of fun.

Well, that's about it. Ya'll are great :) Stay strong lovies <3


  1. Yay! This is so wonderfully positive! You're amazing. :) <3

  2. Best. Text. EVERRRRR!!!! XD Give him a high five and say its from me, ok? Fucking awesome!!

    I'm pratically dancing inmfront of my $5 table at this post. It's great to hear you are doing so amazingly! I hope it last foreverandeverandeverandEVARRRR!!!!

    Heh, at least your bank is doing their job, right? o.O

    No, YOU are awesome. Like, more awesome than Dr.Horrible, thats how awesome!



  3. Good job eating cupcakes and not feeling guilty... I couldn't do that. you're so strong!

  4. It must be so exciting to have your boyfriend home so soon! I'm glad the medications are doing their job, and that you don't feel crazy over small things like the cupcakes. Positivity is the best :) xoxo