Monday, August 23, 2010


Hi guys! I just wanted to update you on my class schedule for this semester. I'm taking 5.5 credits (1 credit = 1 class at my school), which is a serious overload for most people. Normally people take 4 classes per semester. Here are my classes:

- Writing 100 – Cells, Pods, and Links
- Religious Studies 101 – Religious Traditions in a Global Context
- Math 103 – Cultural Approaches to Math
- Interdisciplinary Studies 259 – Dinosaurs: Their Lost World
- Psychology 210 – Life-Span Developmental Psych
- Teaching Assistant for Personality Psychology

I am a psychology major, and normally I take a whole lot more psych classes than this. However, this semester there are very few psych classes being offered for some reason, and the ones that are being offered are the ones I've already taken. So my options were very limited. But it's kind of a good thing, because it means that I can get some classes outside of my major! My school requires that you take a certain number of classes outside of your major, and I'm having a hard time finding enough classes that I am actually interested in. I really only like psychology, unfortunately. Grr. But hopefully these classes will be good! If I end up getting super stressed and not being able to handle all five classes, I will likely drop Writing 100. But hopefully I can handle it! Yay school!

My classes start tomorrow, and I have Math 103 at 8 am, then my teaching assistant class at 10 am, and then my dinosaurs class at 12 pm. And then I have my life-span psych class from 7 to 9 pm... so tomorrow will be super busy! And I'm working in the afternoon after my classes, so basically I have no free time. But it's ok, because I'm excited for my classes!!!

Well, it's really late and I have to get up at 6:30 am, so I'll talk to you all later! Stay strong <3


  1. I had the same problem as you! I only really am interested in psych, and I find it really hard to choose elective classes.
    The ones you chose sound really interesting though.
    I'm sure you'll be really busy!

  2. Aside from the maths, that sched sounds pretty awesome. I wish we'd had that dinosaur class when I was in school! : /
    Good luck!!

  3. Dino class?! Thats fkn ROCKSTAR staus! I wish they had that at my school! lol I'm taking psych next semester... I'll post my schedule on my next blog. Good luck on your classes!

  4. Dinosaur class!?!?!?! JEALOUS!!!!

  5. For fun! My Uncle Jim was a paleontologist! Well, my great-uncle. He's pretty famous, too. I was at a dinosaur museum the other day, and he had his own plaques and stuff, It was awesome to see!
    I totally just found a website on just HIM. And he has his own Wikipedia page! Cool, I totally didn't know that. Anyway, he discovered the largest dinosaur bone in all existence today. Cool, huh?
    Jim Jensen. You should look him up!