Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rawr means "I love you" in dinosaur

Well, life is passing by quite quickly these days. Sometimes I feel like I just want it to stop for a few minutes so I can catch my breath! I don't have any news about Amanda. I've seen her around, but she hasn't made a move yet. I made the first move by telling her that I'm interested, but now it's her turn. I'm hoping for something this weekend. Unfortunately, I have my period, so anything down there is out of the question. But I'm totally up for some making out!!

I have some pretty spectacular weekend plans as well. It's Homecoming Weekend, and my sorority is having some fun activities. On Saturday we're having a breakfast and a hour tour for the alumnae, and then we're tailgating the football game all afternoon. Then on Saturday night, we're having golf (a drinking game), which should be a ton of fun! I might be hosting a hole in my room, but we haven't made official plans yet.

Oh! Also, I had one of my friends tell me that she thinks I'm super hot and sexy. Let's call her Jamie. Jamie and I have been friends since last year, and she was previously dating another girl on our floor. They broke up about two months ago, and Jamie is still getting over her. She says she doesn't want a relationship or a hook-up right now, but maybe something later. I told her that I would be around when she was over her ex, and she said she might take me up on that! So basically I have a relationship lined up for after study abroad :) Yay yay yay! I'm excited, and she's super cute.

My homework is calling to me. It's saying, "Liz, Liz, please do me!" Haha, that sounds dirty ;)
You all are amazing! Sorry I've been such a deadbeat blogger lately. I promise I will try to comment on your blogs soon (unless I don't read them anymore because they're triggering). Stay strong!


  1. In the words of Lady Gaga: Rawr-rawr-ra-ra-rawr! ^.^

    Hmm, I think you're on to something there. Neither of them have gotten laid since before we moved in here in January. Maybe they could fuck eachother and solve ALL our problems? XD

    I'm crossing my fingers and toes and arms (but not the legs) that you have not only your homework begging for you to do it, but a bevy of nubile ladies headed by Jamie and Amanda ;)

    Your weekend sounds like it's gonna be a blast! I'd totally call in sick to come hurl abuse at the ref and opposing team with you guys. Alas, I'm far too damn far away. Look after yourself and don't do anything I wouldn't enjoy!


  2. My homework was always such a clingy bitch I often tried to run from until the last minute when I had to give in. ;)

  3. Good luck with Amanda ;)
    What's golf :o sounds interesting. haha I love learning about new drinking games they're always so fun. the best memories come out of them. :)