Thursday, September 2, 2010

Good stuff is happening :)

Last night, I have a long talk with one of my friends that is in the Christian Fellowship with me. She's a sophomore (I'm a junior) and she is recovering from an ED too. I don't know exactly which one, but I am guessing anorexia because she said she was hospitalized and she's still pretty skinny. She offered me a lot of support last night, and I'm really grateful for her. She's amazing! It's nice to have someone in real life that can relate to what you are struggling with, you know?

On another cheerful note, I am seriously loving my Religious Studies class. It's called Understanding Religious Traditions in a Global Context, and it's amazing. Right now we are studying Hinduism, and it's totally fascinating! After only having this class for two weeks, I am already considering a Religious Studies minor. I don't know if I have time for it, but I might :)

Lastly, my little sister is going to college tomorrow!!! Like, WHAT? She shouldn't be going to college! She's still a baby to me! I am having a hard time accepting that she is an "adult" now. What happened?? How did I get so old??? It's crazy.

I love you all (and sister, if you're reading this, I love you too)!! Stay strong cuties <3


  1. Younger sibling shouldn't be allowed to grow up! It's terrifying! XD I've been at school longer than my cousin has been alive, and HE is at high school now! *Hides under bed*

    Tell me when it's safe to come out, hey?

    Yay! I'm ecstatic that people around you who can support you too. Give that chick a hug from me, ok?


  2. My little brother started college two weeks ago, and it is the weirdest thing EVER! My youngest brother is a senior in high school, so he'll be off next year. I can't believe it! These kids shouldn't be adults, I totally agree. I remember them still as little boys that would fall and get boo-boos, and I would help my mom to pick them up and make them feel better. I just don't know where the time goes. I think it would be even weirder if I was at home, to see the lack of a teenage boy with shaggy snowboarder hair in our house that should be there normally. So strange..... and a little sad too....


  3. Gah! You are SO lucky to have someone to talk to about your ED who understands... I have no one! Well I do have a friend back home but she's in a recovery center so she can't really talk right now.. :( I'm glad you found a class you like!!

  4. I'm minoring in Religious Studies and it's awesome. I love learning more about what has united and divided humanity from the beginning of time! And Hinduism is rad, you could study it forever and have only scratched the surface!!


  5. That's awesome that you have someone you can talk to about ed stuff!

    I took an anthropology class one year called Comparative Religions & it was pretty neat. We studied different religions, the big 5 religions & also took a look at some other minor ones.