Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Finding a therapist is freaking hard. I emailed one that I found on Psychology Today last week, and she said that she's not taking new clients. I called one a few days ago, and she called back today and said that she can't deal with all my issues. Specifically, she won't take me because of my hospitalization. WTF? She referred me to another program, which has a three month waiting list. Now I'm back to square one. I'm so tired of this.

I'm supposed to be doing research for my senior thesis, and all I want to do is sleep. Sleeeeeeeeep. Today I got up at noon, and only because I needed to go to the grocery store before it got too crowded. I went to the gym too, and swam. I'm super wiped out now though. Tomorrow my only obligation is physical therapy at 2:30 pm. I anticipate that I will wake up at 1:30 pm. Who knows, I might get up earlier. But the motivation to drag myself out of bed is gone. In fact, the motivation to do anything is gone. I don't want to read, watch TV, blog, do Bible study, leave the house, go down the stairs in the house, anything.

Sorry this is so negative. I guess that's why they call me bipolar, right? Up one week, down the next. Bleeeeeh.

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  1. *Cuddles* Have a nap, grab a cuppa and get the study out of the way. Don't end up like me and have to pull a 14-hour panic session with a brain blank!

    Love you sososososomuch! I'd try to drag you out of bed, but I'd prolly just climb in there with you for the bodyheat :p

    You are made of win and awesome, don't forget that!