Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Random stuff

I have this irrational fear that I have magically gained 15 pounds in the last week. Which is not humanly possible (or at least, not for me), but I still believe it. And I figured, I should check, right? If I find that I've gained, then I can cut back on the chocolate. And if I'm the same, then it's all good. So I checked. I'm the same. Which is a relief, but I still shouldn't have checked. And it doesn't change the way that I see my body. So that's not good. I need to get some self-esteem, pronto. 

Other than that, things have been pretty good. I read a book on female-on-female sexual violence yesterday. It is the only book that I've found that actually addresses the topic. It's like people don't believe that a woman can sexually assault or batter another woman. Like, come on. Reality check: it happens. It was actually a really good book. Some parts I didn't care about, like the sections on demographics and stuff. But there were stories from survivors that made me feel like I'm not alone. And that was good :)

In other news, I went to the foot doctor on Monday, thinking I had a fungus growing under my toenail (nice, right?). And then after waiting 45 minutes for him, he informs me that, no, it's not a fungus. It's an extremely ingrown toenail and HE HAS TO DO SURGERY ON IT. NOW. FUZZZZZZZ. That's my new swear word. So I am now missing a sliver of my toenail. Permanently missing it, because he said if it grows back, then it will get ingrown again. So he killed the nail bed at that place. WEIRD. It actually doesn't hurt unless I touch it though. I have to soak it and re-bandage it twice per day. I go back in 2 weeks to get him to look at it again. 

I am also trying out contacts again. I wear glasses every day, because I can't see the board in class and stuff like that. But I don't wear them when I go out on the weekends, and I just can't see as well. Which is kind of annoying. My vision isn't that bad, but it's bad enough that I wouldn't recognize you from across the quad until you got a lot closer to me. So this is day two of contacts. I hated them last time, because they dried out my eyes. So far, they are still drying out my eyes a bit. So we'll see...

Also, I activated a free 3 month membership to 24 Hour Fitness today! I guess there was some sort of lawsuit against 24 Hour Fitness last year, and everyone who had a membership during a specific 7 year period got either $20 or a free 3 month membership. So I am officially a member. I mostly want to take the classes. They have spin classes, pilates, and other fun stuff. But I know I need to be careful. 

Ok, that's about it. Update more in a few days! 


  1. I found that with contacts, I had to adjust to them, I couldn't wear them all day right away. If you are finding that they dry out your eyes to the point of discomfort, then try only wearing them for a couple hours at first and then gradually increasing the time. They make eye drops for contacts, but use them sparingly because they make your eyes reliant on the drops for moisture.

  2. Be careful, have fun and OMGWTFIHATEINGROWNTOENAILS!! I'm so glad he fixed it both in the sort and longrun!