Monday, May 30, 2011


I had my 21st birthday yesterday! It was a wonderful night out. My best friend and I went to this gay bar and got a few drinks and danced. I was a bit drunk, but I have been twice that drunk, so it was nothing too extreme. I got this delicious chocolate martini that was amazing.
I also had an Orange Crush (orange infused liquor, vodka, and soda water) and a Whiskey Punch (whiskey, passion fruit juice, and lemon juice). The Whiskey Punch was my favorite, surprisingly! My friend also got this great basil and lemon drink. I would post pictures of me and my friend, but I'm not very comfortable posting pictures of my face here. But you get the idea!

Otherwise, the past few days have been good. I have basically worked out every day since I got my gym membership, but I'm taking a break today because I'm really sore. I explored the weight machines yesterday and today I am definitely feeling it. I think I need to either alternate days that I do weights, or alternate arms one day and legs the next. I will figure it out. Suggestions? I need to be really careful with this working out thing. The good thing is, I tend to injure myself if I push too hard, so that is keeping me from doing cardio for hours and hours. Yay! My body pretty much hates me and will use any excuse possible to get a new injury. Fun stuff!

Well, I'm off to read a book. Yay for relaxing! Have a wonderful night <3

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  1. YES TAKE REST DAYS IF YOU ARE DOING WEIGHTS!!! Try having day on/day off. 2 days in a row MAX, you need recovery days for your muscles to rest and rebuild.

    Also: YES YOU SHOULD ALTERNATE WHICH AREA YOU TRAIN! OMG I've been given some really evil programs at my time at the gym, and seriously you NEED to mix it up or you'll fuck yourself over! Try doing arms&cardio one day, Legs&cardio another and core/solid cardio the third day. One of my more evil programs had me bouncing from cardio to weights and back again like a demented rabbit!