Thursday, May 5, 2011

Love fest

Last night was the last Christian Fellowship meeting and we did affirmations for everyone. Basically, this means that we went around and said nice things about everyone (i.e. how they have helped you, what you think of them, how they've grown this semester, how God is working through them). I was petrified because I don't want to hear what people think of me. But it was so good! There were three people's comments that stuck with me.

1) This one girl who I don't know at all said that she always wished that she could be my friend! She thinks that I look like I'm having fun all the time and that she wishes she knew me better. It was the sweetest thing ever.
2) One other girl who I know slightly better said how she thinks that it's great that I am so open about sharing personal things and that she is impressed that I'm so willing to ask for help if I need it. I thought I was crap at asking for help, but it's wonderful to hear from someone that I'm doing well. That made me feel amazing.
3) Another girl who I don't know well said that she knows that I always try to be perfect, but that it's great that I can admit that I'm not, and she feels better about the fact that she's not perfect because I can admit that I'm not. And she said that I give great advice :)

It's funny, I never noticed until just now that all of those were from people I don't know well. I think the fact that they don't know me, but think I'm great, means a lot to me. Of course, my close friends also said wonderful things too, but those three were the ones that I will remember for a long time. Others said that I'm friendly, bubbly, a good friend, and that I've helped them a lot. It was basically a love fest and it was beautiful. Unfortunately, I had a migraine, so that took away from it a bit. But it's ok!

I'm so glad that I have friends and acquaintances that love me. It makes me feel like I'm not alone. And yesterday was a really tough day anyway, so it was great to hear those things. It was perfect timing.

Ok, I have to do work. I have to write an 8 page paper today. All of it. That will probably take me 8 hours. And that's if I'm working from an outline, which I'm not. So I have to make an outline and then write the paper. Fml. This could be a late night...


  1. That is AWESOME!! :D *happydance*

    I've never met you, and I think you put the LEGEND in LEGENDARY. So there! :p

    Aww man, assignments suck! I wish I could set a kitten Zerg-rush on you halfway through the writing session to cheer you up :(

    Thank you for the comment on my Unlisted Vlog. There are no words to describe how much I love you for it <3 I really wish I could do something about the sound quality :/ Maybe one day I can buy a camera or a real computer with better gear. Maybe a headphone/mic combo would help?

    Lots of love to you! have a good weekend and if you get the urge to cut, try to THINK OF FUTURE INK instead. Maybe look at Suicide Girls pics for ideas/distraction? (Damn I love hot tattooed chicks!)


  2. Awww that's wonderful :) :)
    good luck with your paper!!