Thursday, March 31, 2011


The whole friend situation hasn't progressed much. Jamie is being weird. She was acting all nice on Monday and wanted to go to lunch (but then realized she had a conflict), but today she was kinda bitchy! I went to get my alcohol back from her room, and she acted like she was very upset with me. Maybe she heard that I was telling my friends about what happened? Maybe she expected that I would have "seen reason" by now? I have no idea.

In other news, no cutting, no noticeable depression, no eating disorder relapses. Actually, I'm kind of worried that I'm slipping into a hypomanic episode. I think I might be being paranoid though... Here are the diagnostic criteria for a hypomanic episode:
- Pressured speech (tendency to speak quickly and frenziedly) MAYBE? I'm kind of always like this...
- Inflated self-esteem Haha that's hilarious. NO.
- Decreased need for sleep YES, def
- Easily distractibility YEP, got this one too
- Psychomotor agitation (google it) NOPE
- Engagement in risky pleasurable activities (lots o sex, shopping, gambling, etc) I haven't done this yet, but I definitely have been tempted to do some day drinking or go out and get laid on the weekend... not good. And dangerous (and stupid). 

You have to have three or more of the symptoms. I have at least two. I don't know. We'll see how this plays out. I think I'm being paranoid though...

Well, that's all folks. Come again soon!


  1. ...tiny comment... or maybe you are just afraid to be happy?

  2. Yeesh, what a drama llama! (NOT YOU NOT YOU) Ride it out, she'll grow up eventually. Or not. *Hugs* If she does, EXCELLENT. If not, then you're well rid of her. Sadly, this shit takes time to resolve :(

    Hmmm. Yes, no, yes, yes, yes, no. Lol! But of course, I'm clinically depressed with a touch of anxiety, according to the experts *Sarcastic eyebrow*

    YOU are fucking awesome!! I love you *Stretches arms so much they come out of sockets* THIIIIIIIS much! *Gives you a floppy-armed hug* Thank you for the pep-talk <3

    Have a good weekend, keep yourself safe (The only impulse-spending I'm sanctioning is BOOKS and WOOL) LOVE YOUUUUUUU!!!