Sunday, June 12, 2011


I'm doing much better with the food. I think I just needed to recognized that I was getting a little obsessed, and then snap out of it. As I get further and further into recovery, I am much more able to recognize when I am slipping and then fix it quickly. I hope that I won't have anything like what happened last spring (when I relapsed and lost a ton of weight and then was miserable for six months), cuz that suuuuuucked. But in a way, I'm glad it happened, because a) it made me a lot stronger, and b) it made me start this blog! And without it, I wouldn't have you guys! That would be so sad.

My friend (who was suicidal) is doing alright. She hasn't mentioned anything about trying again, and I've been checking in on her a lot. I hope she stays ok! She asked for my blog link once, and I almost gave it to her, but then I realized that it would be suuuuper embarrassing because I talk about her a lot. So I'm not doing that.

The big thing going on right now is that I'm totally unmotivated to work out. I was so gung-ho about doing it at first, and now I'm not. I took two days off because I was sore the first day and not feeling well the second day, and now I just don't want to. I worked out yesterday, and I was just really tired and unmotivated and not able to do as much as I usually do. I don't know what's up with that. It's more than just lack of motivation; I'm just tired! For no reason! Weird...

Ooh my parents are going out of town next weekend, so my bestie and I are going to have a sleepover ALONE! We are going to buy alcohol (since we're both 21 now, so we can legally do it!) and eat junk food and have dance parties to really loud music. It's going to be so awesome! I am so excited.


Life is pretty good. I think the higher dose of medication is good for me, don't you? I haven't felt really sad (for no reason, at least) or like hurting myself in quite a while. Yay!

AAAAAAND finally, there's this super cool new blogger that you should check out! Her name is Corey and she's really nice. We've been texting a lot. SO CHECK HER OUT! :-D

Have a great day peeps!


  1. Only for you will I listen to Usher. Damn you're special!

    I'm glad you could snap out of the obsessiveness :D SEE even bad things happen for a reason. If I'd never met you I'd be really bummed.

    Wow, maybe your body needs a bit of a longer recovery time than you thought? Lol new training schedules need to be eased into, built up to. You jumped in like a pre-teen bow cannonballing the diving pool! You'll get back up there in a sensible, sustainable manner. I only just started doing cardio again for the first time this year today. Fucking knee, I have to learn how to run all over again so I don't over-extend my knees and fuck it up again!

    Your comments totally rocked my fluffy toesocks. made it worth crawling out of my nice warm bed this morning *Glomps*

    I'm gonna go blog-stalk Corey :3 You may wanna warn her. . .

    LOVE YOU!!1!!

  2. Hey beautiful!
    I'm loving this post!! You seem so happy and content. That sleep over sounds amazing.. I wish I had besties like that. I'm honestly jealous.
    take care little monster