Saturday, October 2, 2010


Well, my life is just a mess right now. It's a good mess and a bad mess at the same time. Here is the bad:

- My friend Tess (the one who I hooked up with and was pissed at me) sent me this text yesterday after I asked her if I could still hang out with her on the weekend:
"It's completely off limits. I never want to see you with any amount of alcohol in you again."
Bitch! So now we are not friends.
- I feel really awkward around Amanda because nothing's happened since last weekend, and I don't feel like pursuing her right now.

The good:

- I made out with my friend Isabel last night. She has a boyfriend but is allowed to mess around with girls if she wants to. She's a really, really good kisser :)
- I'm just having a really good day. I went to see The Social Network (the movie about FaceBook) last night with my sorority sister, and it was awesome! We also ate Chipotle, which was amazing.

I hope this weekend is filled with awesomeness. I have a ton of homework, but I'll manage. I'm really busy today, so most of my homework-doing will be tomorrow I think.
Also, I've been cutting a lot. Since Tess and I are no longer friends, it doesn't matter where I cut because no one's looking. So I've been cutting my wrist, which is my favorite place. I will stop when I'm ready.

Have a great day everyone! Love ya <3


  1. Liz darling.. sad panda!
    Although that picture is fkn hilarious! I want that on a t-shirt sooo bad!
    Sorry about tess.. I know she'll come around.
    and wink wink with isabel :)
    Careful with the cutting because I'mma be PISSED if I go to the store for bandaids and they ran out because you got them all.. lol :) jk, seriously though try to cheer up. Get to work on that homework sweetie. You're a fucking diamond in a world gone to cubic zirconium. ;) Lubb chu!

  2. Hmm, this sounds mostly good. Sorry about the Tess stuff. She's obviously not worth it!

  3. I want to feed Tess to a fucking hive of fire ants ALIVE. Don't you DARE hit a vein or artery, you hear me? Blood stains don't wash out of wool very well, and I wanna make you some pretty knitted arm warmers for chilly winter days.

    Good luck with your homework. I'd better go do mine -.-;

    Kimi aishiteru <3