Monday, October 11, 2010

Doing much better

Sorry to scare everyone! I was pretty scared myself. I guess I need to be A LOT more careful. It's healing nicely, and I'm going to be just fine. Don't worry, I won't be doing that again any time soon.

I'm at home now, which is pretty nice (home is Oregon, school is Wisconsin). My dad has cooked delicious food for me every day! So far I've had grits, pad Thai, grape muffins, and tortellini with alfredo sauce. Tonight we are having eggplant musaka. So much good food! On Friday we are probably going to have my favorite food ever: hopping john! Hopping john is a southern food that involves black eyed peas over rice, served with cornbread and fried okra! It's delicious. It's traditional to have hopping john on New Year's for good luck. Anyhoo, I'm excited.

Today my mom and I are doing some shopping. I want to get some short skirts and v-neck shirts, so I can look super slutty for going out on the weekends ;) I want a skirt something like this:
We'll see if I find something that I like, but whatever. Well, I love you all! Thanks for all your support and concern last week. I really appreciate that someone cares. One of my friends at college said before I left, "Make sure you come back from break in one piece!" Thanks. I will try :)
Stay strong!


  1. Hopping johns are good :D grape muffins sound yummy too.
    Yay for good food! :D
    That is a cute skirt! Have fun shopping! :)

  2. Your dad sounds like an awesome cook! I need to learn how to cook, and then learn how to actually like cooking. Right now, I really don't enjoy it at all. Is that something you can actually change, though? I don't know LOL

    Slutting it up is so much fun! I try to only do that when I am in different cities, though. My college town is a pretty small one compared to others, and my class size is miniscule, so I don't need to be developing a reputation! Haha! I will live vicariously through you ;)

  3. Oh wow, all those foods sound delicious (:
    I looove that style of skirt, too, I've actually got a very inconspicuous leopard print one, haha.


    Teeheee, I'm glad you're having a good time!