Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'M BACK!!!!!

I'm so excited to be back finally!! I've been having a really hard time with losing weight recently (as you might have noticed, since I haven't posted in 20 days, wow). I kept losing motivation and thinking that I might just be happier at a higher weight. Which is completely ridiculous, because of course I'm not happy at this weight! I was stuck at 180-185 for quite a while, but this week I motivated myself and lost 10 freaking pounds! I was 185.5 last Sunday (June 20th) and today I was 175 (June 26th). Like how does that even happen?? 10 pounds in one week! But anyway, since I got back down to 175, I am free to post again! I'm so happy :) I've missed you guys so much! I'm amazed that I didn't lose any followers while I was gone.

I've just been working really hard for the last 20 days. Life at the office has been CRAZY, so that's been stressful. My boyfriend left for his summer language intensive on the 12th, so he's been gone about 2 weeks now. I miss him a lot. I went to see Letters to Juliet last night with his mom, and I missed him a whole bunch after that. I shouldn't be allowed to watch love movies while he's gone! It makes me pissy and tearful.

I'm cat-sitting for a co-worker this week, which is lots of fun. She has three cats named Dwight (white kitty with light brown patches), Holly (cute little torti), and Earl Grey (big grey cat). She is off roadtripping with another one of our co-workers until the 4th of July :) I hardly brought any food with me, so I can't binge on anything. Today I slept till 1 pm and only ate:

- Breakfast: None because I was sleeping
- Lunch: None
- Dinner: Qdoba naked grilled veggie burrito (540) and Diet Coke (0)
Total calories: 540

Pretty good! I knew I would be going out to dinner with my boyfriend's parents, so I saved all my calories for that. I can't believe how many calories Mexican food has... if I'd had the tortilla part of the burrito, I would have added 330 calories! That's completely ridiculous. After dinner, I watched Love Happens (Jennifer Aniston and Aaron Eckert) with my boyfriend's parents. It was really good! So today was awesome. All I did was sleep, read, go to dinner, and watch a movie.

I'm so glad to be back!! I love you, skinnies :) We can all reach our goals!

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  1. You're back! you'rebackyou'rebackyou'reBAAAAACK!

    *Happy dance of joy*