Monday, November 29, 2010


I am completely swamped for the next week and a half. I have a bazillion papers and projects due between now and December 7th, so basically, life sucks right now. The biggest thing is a 15-25 page paper due on December 7th that I haven't even started yet. It's for my cultural math class, and I'm doing it on math and knitting. Sounds cool right? Unfortunately it's not as interesting as I thought it was going to be :(

In other news, my eating is going alright. Thanksgiving was fine, except for the usual fullness that accompanies good food and friends. I've been a little unhappy, but not enough to complain about. I'm mostly just really stressed about all the work I have to do. However, after the 7th, I only have a paper to write and an exam to study for on the 14th. So I just have to get through the next week! I CAN DO IT! I hope...

I am never taking this many classes again. Ugg...

25 Random Facts About Me
1. I am taking a math class but I hate math with a passion.
2. I love the squirrels on campus! So cute!!
3. I have four cats and 10+ fish at home, and only one lonely Jade plant here at school :(
4. I love to psychoanalyze people.
5. I have a boob obsession.
6. I love puffed Cheetos and toast.
7. I hate waffles.
8. I knit Christmas presents for my friends every year.
9. I'm currently knitting a pair of socks for my mom.
10. I don't have time to be write this blog because I have so much work to do.
11. I am drowning in homework.
12. I love to read historical fiction books.
13. I have three jobs at school.
14. I love cats.
15. I wear Fantasy by Britney Spears every day.
16. I NEVER wear shorts and only wear skirts or dresses on the weekends when I go out.
17. I'm in a sorority, but it's not what I expected it to be.
18. I wish I was more girly that I am.
19. I want to be a school counselor when I graduate.
20. I have an awesome 18-year old sister who I adore.
21. I love the color blue.
22. I have at least four best friends.
23. I sometimes forget that people in the real world don't talk about sex as much as people in college do, and so I say stuff at home that I shouldn't say.
24. I had an imaginary friend when I was really little named Pipsy.
25. I was suspended in high school for threatening to kill someone.

On that cheery note, I hope you all have a great day! Love you :)


  1. number 25. definitly my favourite. :D hope you get all your work done! and THREE JOBS!? *gasp* thats intense.


  2. I love your facts. ZOMG SQUIRRELS!!! We don't have them here. I've never seen a live one :'( I'll trade you one male squirrel for one enbosomed fresher :p

    YOU CAN DO IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!! Count the days until freedon. UGH speaking of math and knitting, I discovered mattress stitch last night. Fuck counting stitches and rows all over again! I'm a lazy sod so I eyeball it XD

    Love you Liz, good luck with your exams and papers <3

  3. OMg i wish I could, but its not possible. I just want to get the hell out of here now.

    Oh bugger. Well I guess I'm just gonna have to go to the USA one day, ot meet you in Canada or something :)

  4. I have to do a math project too.
    Its so annoying UIADHSA.

    Knitting is so much fun omg! I'm totally going to get back into it!
    Fantasy = awesome perfume.
    Cats = LOVE

    How do you hate waffles ;_;

    <3 take care

  5. Yay for kittehs! I love them :) They are so destressing.

  6. I found a place! :D :D :D

    Going back to school next year, but I'm on Conditional Enrollment. It makes me feel all icy and scared to know I've failed that badly!

    <3 Have a blast in Oz, ok?

  7. You got suspended for threatening to kill someone? Wow. You must have been really angry.