Saturday, December 1, 2012


I am so freaking fed up with the Social Services people here. Let me start at the beginning, and you can share in the immense frustration that I am feeling right now.

I applied for food stamps about a month and a half ago. For those of you who don't know, food stamps are government assistance to help you buy food. You apply for benefits, and if you qualify (i.e. you are poor enough and other random-ass qualifications are met), they give you free money for groceries. I applied and never heard back... until I got a random letter in the mail saying that I had missed my scheduled interview and was required to interview with them by November 9th or lose my eligibility. And I was like, "Um, I never scheduled an interview, so how could I have possibly missed it?" I called my case worker, but she was unreachable and I kept getting redirected to other phone lines. So I finally went down to the office, which was a pain in the butt and took three hours total. I interviewed with another woman (not my case worker), who took all of my income verification and other stuff, and told me that I would qualify. She asked me to mail my last few pay stubs to them, to verify that my income was steady. She wanted pay stubs from September and October. When I arrived home, I realized that I didn't have any pay stubs from September, because I was unemployed then. So I mailed the other pay stubs to my case worker, with a note saying that I didn't have any from September.

Then about a week ago, I got a letter with my brand new EBT (food stamps) card and my pin number, and found out that I had been approved for $140 per month of benefits. Yay! I was so excited! Grocery shopping has never been more fun!

But THEN I got this ridiculous letter in the mail from Social Services yesterday saying:
"Based on information reported to us, your food stamps benefits have been closed effective 11/30/12 because: requested verification was not provided."
What the fuck.
What fucking verification did you request?
I don't know what they want from me! I just want my freaking free money! And because the office is virtually unreachable by phone, I would have to go back down there again, to sort this all out. I don't have time for this! I don't have transportation! This is such bullshit.

I am annoyed in general, because this is a waste of my time, but I am also annoyed at the system. Think about this: what if I was not a student of social work, but a single mother working three jobs to stay afloat? Would I have time to go down to the social services office twice, missing almost a whole day of work, to get these food stamps benefits? I think not. This is so messed up; the people who these food stamps should be benefiting are unable to get them, because of how screwed up the system is! This is unbelievable.


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  1. Ok, that is a massive steaming pile of BULLSHIT. that is completely fucked up. I wish I could come over there and provide some backup rage, or do some housework and editing or whatever to free up the time for you so you could go down there and unleash on them. SO NOT FUCKING COOL!!1!

    Why is it that all fucking bureaucratic systems have to be completely fucking impenetrable?!? I swear at Uni we should have gotten extra marks just for dealing with all the applicatino and course approval bullshit. (Me record is taking a week to get course approval done, in one day I went between Commerce and Burns building about five times *Beats head against wall*)

    I have been reading your god blog but not remembering to comment because that means logging in to my craft blog thing and then I get distracted by all the pretty crafty stuff of the dash there and suddenly it's two hours later and I'm late for something >.< Sending you lots of love and many hugs. Remember that if we are to take everything in it literally we'd better lay in a good supply of rocks for all those disobedient children and unmarried women who glance at a guy!

    I watched the coolest history channel doco, SQUEH I LOVES LITERATURE! All about the books that made it into the bible and those that were left out and probable reasons why and man do I wish I could go back in time and read them all and visit the Library of Alexandria. OMG READ ALL THE THINGS! XD

    Thank you so much for your amazing comment. I'm sorry it took so long to reply :( Lol a lot of what you wrote is going on the 'I'm ok' sheet that Kerys is making me write.

    You're amazing and I love you and You're fricking AWESOME and I wish I could coem give you a massive hug.

    Sending you tons of love and a billion hugs and I promise I'm sticking around for a bit.

    LOVE YOU SO MUCH *huggles*