Tuesday, November 1, 2011

This week has been... interesting. Partially because I am crazy busy, and partially because... I didn't really eat last week. For about six days, I ate salad for every meal. I ate a bit of oatmeal at breakfast twice, and a yogurt at lunch once, but otherwise salad. I skipped a lot of meals too. You might ask, what triggered this? Dude, beats me. Stress? I don't know. But the good news is that a friend was brave enough to say something about how worried she was about my behavior, which made me thing about how worried I was about myself, and that was that. My eating is alright right now, although my self-esteem is ridiculously low. Fun!

On a different note, Halloween was great! I was a present! Here is my costume. The tag attached my the strap of my dress says "To" and "From" on it.
Golf (see last post) went pretty well. Having my friend keep me accountable helped, and I only had about half a drink at each hole, so my level of drunkness was about perfect. I was at a good level when I got to the parties, and I sobered up around 2 am, just in time to eat food/drink lots of water and watch TV till I was completely sober. I had a slight hangover on Sunday, but that could have also been from the fact that my body has decided it doesn't feel like digesting food. It's been a struggle. It's better now that it was since Friday, when I started eating again, but it's still not back to normal. It's not until your body doesn't do it very well, that you realize how much you need it.

Other than that... stress stress stress stress. Graduate school applications plus thesis = death. Deadlines soon = death. We'll see how that sleeping thing goes...
Well, gotta go work out. See you later!


  1. Cute idea for a costume looks good! hope you get done what you need to soon I hate this time of year anyways but adding to it with more stress is very ruff. Take care of yourself and keep us posted.

  2. *Makes grabby hands* That tag says 'To Peri from Liz' right? I can unwraps nao, yes? :p


    Ooooh something I discovered to help NaNo which will also help Thesis Writing:
    USE IT.

    I'm so sorry I've been an avoidant blogger too :( It seems the more I have to catch up on, the less I want to catch up. Gah, fail!

    Love you so much. Sending anti-stressing vibes and warm kitty snuggles from Dralion.



  3. Realy? Really really really? You SERIOUS?


    *Makes grabby hands*

    Come 'ere! (<- In Dwarf voice)