Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Oh. My. Goodness. It's been so long since I last posted, almost a month!! I am so, so sorry. I just got really caught up with everything else and completely forgot about this blog. I tried to go on here and blog a few weeks ago, but after catching up on everyone else's posts, I was too exhausted to write my own. It's very overwhelming to have to read weeks of posts.

Wow, I don't even know where to begin. Here's a quick recap of my last month:

  • Submitted 3/4 graduate school applications. The last one is only missing my grades from this semester, which I will have in a few weeks. 
  • Around November 29th, I started to have stomach pain that was bad enough to make me want to stay in bed. I waited for a few days to make sure that it wasn't just gas or something, and found out that it was mild acute pancreatitis. Which basically means that my pancreas is inflamed. It wasn't caused be gallstones (which is the usual cause), so it was probably either caused by a) alcohol abuse, or b) something unknown. I am hoping for the 'something unknown', but whatever. I had to fast for a few days, and it started getting better this past weekend. I can finally eat good food again!
  • Because of the pancreatitis, I was fasting... and it turned into a tiny relapse. I fasted when I wasn't told to, and it was about control and weight, rather than my pancreas hurting when I ate. But I realized that I could NOT do my final papers and exams with no food, so I quit.
  • I have had some issues with depression and cutting this semester, mostly because of all the stress I've been under. But I am not currently cutting (still a bit depressed, but what else is new). I have an appointment with my therapist on Thursday and an appointment with my prescriber next week. 
  • I have been elected Small Group Shepard for Christian Fellowship here at school, which is pretty cool. I will basically oversee all of the small group Bible studies, and have a study of my own. 
  • I got my thesis proposal back with some comments, and I will be ready to start running participants at the beginning of next semester! Finally!
  • My finals were last week, and they went ok. For one of them, I didn't really study till the last minute, and that one didn't go so well. And I had a paper due Saturday, which I think turned out alright. I did pull two all-nighters to finish it though...
  • I am going home tomorrow! I am half excited and half annoyed. I want to see my family and my kitties and my gramma, but I also hate family drama and rules. My parents tried to give me a curfew over the summer, which I refused to accept. My mom also won't let me drink alcohol in the house, which is stupid. It's not like I am going to get drunk! All I want is to be able to have a beer with dinner or in my room while watching TV sometimes. So I'm going to ignore both those rules and see how it goes. 
  • Saying goodbye to friends who are going abroad was the hardest thing I've had to do in a while. I am dreading graduation...
That's basically it! I am definitely leaving out some important stuff, but oh well. So yah... how are you all? Looking forward to break/holidays? Hopefully I will post more now that my life isn't so crazy! <3

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