Thursday, January 19, 2012

Another month...

This is Aaron Carter. PLEASE say you know him!
Oh, cute 90's pop stars...

I realize it's been another month since I've last posted. It's just so hard sometimes! It's overwhelming coming back and realizing that I've missed a month of other people's posts. By the time I get through reading everything, I'm so tired that I don't even want to blog. But whatever. Suck it up.

I'm back at school. I had winter break for three weeks, which was completely unproductive. I was supposed to work on thesis stuff, which I did not. Now I'm back, and wishing that I had. I'm taking two classes this semester: creative writing and psych disorders. I'm also doing my thesis experiment and being the department tutor for the psych department. My thesis experiment is coming along nicely. I'm running a few pilot participants this weekend (assuming my candy actually comes in the mail) to see how the timing goes and everything. Remember, my thesis is on the effects of anxiety and observation on eating behavior in disordered eaters. I'm recruiting disordered eaters, making them anxious (or not), watching them (or not), giving them food, and seeing what happens. Should be fun!

I'm trying to make this semester better than last semester. My prescriber upped my meds over break, so that might help. So far, so good. I am trying to sleep more, but have only been getting 5-6 hours per night because I get up at 6 am every day. Going to be before 11 pm is hard! But sleeping is worth it :)

I was having a little trouble with rape stuff, because I had several conversations with different people about my rape/rape in general, and there is a girl who sided with my rapist who just came back from abroad. So that's been interesting, but oh well. It was only a few days, and it wasn't much. I am trying to utilize God and my friends when I'm feeling upset, instead of turning it on myself.

OH! I got accepted to a graduate school! It's my top choice: Washington University in St. Louis, the Brown School of Social Work. I had an interview for scholarships today (ahhh!!), and I should find out if I get any scholarships between February 1st and 15th. YAY! I'm super excited. I don't know if I can go to WashU if I don't get scholarships, but my dad hinted that maybe we could make it work. YAY! SO EXCITED! It's been a good few weeks.

Other than that... Christmas was good. I got a new laptop (it's super sweet). Graduation is super soon (freak out). School is school.
Peace out, kids :)


  1. So excited for your Grad School! :D

    Omg, that experiment sounds like pure gold amusement for a sadist. Will they need hugs at the end? :x

    I hope you're well and that you enjoyed your beak and this semester goes excellently.

    Arohanui <3

  2. I know who Aaron Carter is, lol, though I am not sure I should be admitting that.

    Congrats on grad school! Crossing my fingers for you on the scholarship.

    :) Have a great weekend!