Sunday, February 2, 2014


So I pretty much fail at blogging! It's been like three months... I'm sorry! I've been crazy busy, and then I just didn't feel like it. So really, no excuses. I should start blogging daily again. That would be good.

Since my last post:

  • Lost all my clients but one.
  • Gained a client (so now I have two clients).
  • Trying not to take it personally that all my clients quit (well, some of them didn't need therapy or didn't know what therapy was, so not my fault).
  • Am about to start taking substance abuse clients! So maybe 5 or 6 new clients in the near future! 
  • Still seeing my awesome counselor, working on my self-worth issues. Apparently, I don't value myself or my life. I think I knew that, but I didn't know it was so bad. Guess I was just fooling myself. 
  • Haven't self-harmed in 5 months and 1 week! Sometimes, I am happy about that. And sometimes, I hate it and just want to self-harm again.
  • Finished fall semester and began my FINAL semester of grad school!! I graduate officially on May 16th. I will officially be an MSW (Master's of Social Work) and hopefully an LMSW (Licensed Master's of Social Work -- need to take an exam for that one). 
  • About 2.5 weeks ago, two of my close friends from college were killed in a traffic accident in northern Wisconsin. So basically, my world has come crashing down and everything sucks. I'm a little depressed, obviously. 
  • But other than that, things are going surprisingly well with my mental health. 
  • I'm worried that I have breast cancer. I know that Google is not a doctor, but Google says I have cancer. I think it's a legit concern, so I'm going to the doctor soon. Trying not to freak out.
I miss you guys! I'll try to write more often <3 div="">


  1. Glad you see you posting! I'm glad you were able to attend their memorial service at Beloit. LOVE YOU.

  2. LIZZZZZ!!!1!

    Sorry it took so long to reply to your comment. OF COURSE I forgive you! Can you forgive me for being such a slacker?

    Shoulder is still trying to turn itself inside out slowly, but getting better.


    Please don't take it personally, yeah? Shit happens. It's good you can focus more on the clients you have atm without burning yourself out ^.^

    You'd better damn well start valuing yourself a bit more. I want to be able to flying-tackle-bearhug you one day, and if you get yourself all corpsified and gross so I can't I'm going to be REALLY FUCKING PISSED OFF! >:( Lol, definitely pot calling kettle here, ay. Got smacked in the face with how delusional my thinking still is re:self-worth the other day. The people at PhysioMed saw 'Possibility of cancer Y/N' on my GP referral form and started shitting themselves, saying they'd freak if they saw it on theirs while I was standing there like "I honestly don't give a shit, at least with cancer the stigma of suicide is gone, yeah?" Soooo fucked up >.<;

    ERMAGHERD FINAL SEMESTER!! The end is in sight. YOU CAN DO IT. Keep calm and cast on :p

    Meep, let me know how the doctor thing goes, ok? I found lumps but didn't get them looked at until MassageLady forced me to. GP said I was too young to worry about it, and I still don't care if I end up with something terminal.


    Come blog again soon, ok? Love you and miss you <3