Monday, August 27, 2012

Grad School, OMG

So sorry about the long delay between posts! I would say that I will post more often... but I'm afraid that it's not true. I am starting graduate school classes tomorrow, and I feel like I will be more busy and have less time for blogging than before. LAME SAUCE. I'm in a weird mood, sorry.

So grad school! I finished up my summer job about two weeks ago, THANK GOODNESS. I was going a little crazy with the children and my supervisor. He was not the most fun person to work with, let me tell you. I am so glad that it's over, and that I will probably not have to do that job ever again, YAY! And then last week, I moved to St. Louis, Missouri! It was a little crazy and I had to do a lot of stuff in a short period of time, but I made it. My apartment is AMAZING. It's really cute and way bigger than I expected and awesome! I love my room and all my new furniture. I officially own a couch, a smaller couch chair thing, a bed, and various drawers and shelves. I have been cooking for myself and have officially cooked spaghetti and beans and rice. And they both tasted good! Amazing, haha. Not having a car has been an adventure, but my school provides a free bus/metro pass, which I have been using TONS. I took the bus to school today and then to Walgreens to get more allergy medication. And yesterday I took the bus to the grocery store and to a pizza place that was a few miles away. It is suuuper hot and humid here, and I am grateful for the air conditioned bus and not having to walk tons.

So classes start tomorrow, and I have Research Methods and Social Welfare Policies and Services. Sounds exciting, right? I think Tuesdays will be the most boring days. But I am excited to start classes and get a taste of grad school (orientation doesn't count).

Food stuff... is going okay. I didn't bring my scale, which I kind of regret. I have no idea what weight I am at. I know that I have been eating much healthier since I got here, mostly because I have no access to junk food. Going to the grocery store is too difficult to do every time I want chocolate. And when I do go to the grocery store, I purposely avoid buying candy and sugary things. So far, so good. But I am worried for when I get stressed... that's usually when I binge or eat lots of sugar.

I will update more later. I am sooo tired today! I love you all. I am sorry for neglecting you :(


  1. Glad you got there safely! Also glad your uni gave you a free bus/metro pass! Some universities in Chicago does that, the UPass, but others, like Uni Chicago doesn't which really restricts people's accommodations! Live close to uni and don't have to pay bus fare, or live far away and pay bus fare on your own.

    Good luck with classes tomorrow and when stressful times come!

  2. I completely understand the busy and moving and new semester taking up the time!

    Lol thank goodness it was only for the summer!

    I'm so exicted about the new apartment! Yay! I want to send you a copy of the Edmond's Cookbook as a flatwarming gift, but I don't think you can get all the ingreedients over there in the States. Maybe the Flatter's Cookbook or the Four-Ingredient one instead? They're all full of easy recipes for people living on student budgets :3 Absolute lifesavers.

    Not bringing the scale was good. If you go to the store already stressed and looking for candy it could lead to bad bingey times. (It does for me :/) I have an Emergency Block of nice chocolate behind my coffee for those days when you get home from work and go "THAT FUCKING SUCKED. I NEED CHOCOLATE AND I NEED IT NOW!" I love dark chocolate, so I'm all chocolated out after a few bits. Knowing it's there definitely stops me getting a few packs of bikkies on my way out of work to sate the craving ^.^;

    Lol, I don't recommend it. It bloody stalled my slow-steady weightloss and I've been stuck at the same weight for a month! FUCK! I think it was caused by a combination of the large amount of paracetamol I took for Womanly Uterus Rebellion and starting the SNRI. Ugh. Why get out of bed if you can't enjoy your coffee?

    Not killing myself yet. This bloody blanket is taking FOREVER to knit! After that there's socks and hats and jerseys oh my! I don't like unfinished business. I really hope this lady can help. I honestly don't know what she can do.

    Head office tells us how to do things and all they care about is pushing sales. If it look pretty who cares about cross-contamination and worker injuries? (I wanted to slap Fascist Bitch when she told me to push the smoked turkey and sliced pastrami together. That meant our Hindu regulars couldnt' buy the turkey anymore (Plus it got peppercorns on it.) and the pastrami ran the risk of picking up anything if the turkey had somehow been contaminated. Thank goodness that lady has GONE so we can have nice empty space between our products again.

    Love you so so much. Take care of yourself and good luck with the study. I hope Tuesdays don't turn out as boring as you fear <3