Sunday, September 11, 2011

To clarify...

Hey guys! So I got a comment on my last blog that made me think I needed to clarify some things about my eating disorder. Here is the comment: 
"I don't think you should do anything with disordered eating if you still have an e.d. It's hypocritical and someone might find out, ya know?"

I'm just confused mostly, because I don't have an eating disorder anymore. Clearly, this is a recovery blog (since it says RECOVERY at the top, in the title description). I had bulimia and EDNOS in high school and the beginning of college, but now I'm recovering. I don't meet any sort of criteria for any clinical level of an eating disorder. I don't engage in behaviors such as restricting, purging, fasting, overexercising, etc. Yes, I did have a slip-up 36 days ago, when I purged. But really, that happens once in a blue moon, and that's just part of recovery; you win some and you lose some. But I always get it back :) And yes, I have disordered eating habits. I eat weird things. I skip dinner occasionally (but not on purpose, it just sort of happens). I eat unhealthily large amounts of chocolate and Twizzlers when I'm stressed. I dislike my body sometimes. I avoid certain clothing items because they makes me look fat(ter). But I'm not eating disordered; just a little messed up, like the rest of the world. 

Another thing: This comment mentioned that people might find out about my eating disorder. Weeeeeell, they already know. I am completely open about it. If it comes up, I will tell people. I have a tattoo of the ED recovery symbol, and if people ask me about it, I will tell them exactly what it is and why I have it. I even did a presentation in high school, after my first bout with bulimia, about my ED and general ED info. So I'm very open and honest. That's just my style. After lying and cheating and hiding for eight years, I am tired of it and I want to be free. So I tell. And it's awesome, let me tell you :)

So that's that. I just thought I'd clarify those points. Megan, person who commented, I'm not upset with you. I am curious though: how is it hypocritical for me to do an experiment about disordered eating? I am not seeing it, but perhaps I'm missing it. Just let me know, if you can. 

Ok, BEDTIME. So tired! <3


  1. Please dont worry about peoples dumb comments. I dont find you a hypocrit at all. I think it is great when people are able to recover and be supportive not look down on those who havnt. even people that have over come drugs and alcohol still feel the grip and talking about it helps. look forward to reading more from you dont stop just because someone has to be an ass

  2. What the...what does that comment even mean? Weird.

    You should be proud of yourself for the distance you've come, and the bravery you have to share your experiences with others. So there. ;)

  3. I had a comment but it wouldn't post and it was a slightly long one, too... GARGH.

  4. Wow, maybe I should put a hat on in case people find out I have BROWN hair? XD

    *Sigh* Trolls gonna troll.

    OMG than you for the wonderful comment! Lol, would you believe that the very next day I got tested, as it were? Working with Jaq is such a massive trigger for me, since she one-ups anything I say, denigrates me and rubs in my face that she has the money to hang out and get stoned and I don't. I decided that she wasn't worth wasting the energy on or calling 'friend' anymore and my mood perked right back up XD

    Ooooh, do you want to read my craft blog? It's the very very tiny baby seed that I hope will grow.
    I hope that next year I can grow it into a brand and adjunct to a Felt (NZ's Etsy) account and sell my humlbe handmade stuffs on the internets ^.^

    Have an amazing week <3

  5. I didn't forget, I just figured that everyone else was talking about it and I didn't want to add one more person to the throng bringing up awful memories. The near-death of an entire city, the actual annihilation of many towns and a nuclear disaster on a par with Chernobyl was enough horror for one post. I have no direct links to what happened in 2001, but I mean no disrespect to the dead or the emergency services' heroes by omitting mention.

    I was cheering for you guys in the match against Ireland, and I will be again against Russia, and even Australia. Lol, yeah even against Australia. Like all Kiwis I support 2 teams: New Zealand anad anyone playing Australia :p

    Good luck with the homework! I'd better go do mine -.- Failed the vocab test by 2 points, fml.