Friday, August 19, 2011


Not much to report here. I have my period, which makes me a raging bitch. Grr! It's funny, when I was on birth control, I had more cramps, longer and heavier periods, but less bitchiness. Off birth control now, and I have less cramps, shorter and lighter periods, but a crapton more bitchiness. Isn't it supposed to be the other way around, at least for the cramps and length and heaviness? Weird.

I've been baking non-stop recently, making tons of cupcakes and brownies for various events and people. I finally found a sub for when I'm gone (cuz I go back to school in a week, so I'm missing the last week of the kid's classes). Thank goodness! I had to offer baked goods, which reeled someone in. Speaking of baked goods, ALL I WANT RIGHT NOW IS CHOCOLATE! PLEASE FEED ME!

Still no let-up in the flashbacks while driving. LAME. I made a new playlist on my iPod for non-triggering songs. Too bad they are mostly lame songs... But on another note, my body. It sucks. I just feel gross and pudgy. I'm back at the weight I was when I was a freshman in college, which was gross. I feel fat in all my clothes and especially fat because I'm bloated from my period. I am really hoping that going back to school will be good for me and my eating. Here are my goals for the semester (food and non-food):

Food Goals (NOT RULES)

  • Eat one dessert per day, max.
  • Don't drink soda unless I'm out to eat or ordering food on a Sunday night (no dinner is served in the dining halls on Sunday nights, so we have to find our own food). 
  • Work out at least twice a week (preferably with my workout buddy!). 
  • Avoid obsessing over these goals, food in general, working out, and my body. 
  • When going to Walgreens or Walmart, do not get large amounts of chocolate or junk food; pick healthier snacks that would be good for late night hunger. 
  • When bored while studying, only eat when actually hungry (shocking, I know!). 
Non-food Goals
  • Obsess less over grades and GPA. 
  • That being said, try to get good grades and impress professors. 
  • Try to convince professors to let me knit in class (I have all new professors/a professor that won't let me knit; tragedy!!!!). 
  • Get all my homework done early so that I can either a) get ahead, or b) hang with friends more. 
  • Before the semester gets too hard (aka, before spring break), figure out which graduate schools to apply to and write a draft of my personal statement. 
That looks good for now! Ok, there's a cat sleeping on half of my computer, and I have to shower before my therapy appointment. Love you all!


  1. Those goals are great.
    I think you'll do really well with them.
    Keep up the good work, hun!

  2. I've been baking too. Covered the kitchen with mixed spice yesterday by accident. Rage+old-style spice jars=fun times!

    Hmmm. . . . New driving songs. . .
    Dwarf Hole (Diggy Diggy Hole)
    Form This Way (Born This Way parody)
    You can find them on iTunes, or rip them from YouTube if you're a clever clogs :p

    Love you <3 I hope the flashbacks fuck off!