Monday, August 11, 2014


Welp. It's been six months... oops. I have no excuses, except that I just forget that this blog exists sometimes! But here's are the highlights from the last six months:

  • Finished up my internship at the community mental health center. I tried to get a job there, but no luck.
  • Finished my final semester of grad school in May and officially became a Master of Social Work! 
  • Took my first licensure exam and am now a Licensed Master of Social Work.
  • Applied to 55 jobs (no joke), had five interviews, and got three job offers.
  • Accepted a position at a substance abuse treatment center in St. Louis, Missouri as a counselor/insurance reimbursement specialist! 
  • Started my job in the middle of June, so I'm almost 2 months in at this point. I have six individual clients. I also lead two therapy groups. And I check insurance benefits and get treatment authorized for clients in the inpatient program. Pretty cool! 
  • Got approved to start working on my supervised work hours that go toward my clinical license. So in 2 years, I can take another exam and be a License Clinical Social Worker.
  • Signed a lease for a one bedroom apartment and I'm moving in a week! YAY! 
  • Still doing personal therapy. Working on my sexual abuse, which is super great (not). 
  • Haven't self-harmed in almost a year! It will be a year on August 22. It's a very strange feeling. 
  • Basically, things are pretty great :)
As you can see, I've been a little busy, so maybe that's an excuse for not posting for six months. Maybe. But I wanted you guys to know that I haven't abandoned you! I miss writing this blog and reading your blogs. I will try to be more diligent about it, but I can't promised anything. Thanks for reading! 

Here's a quick picture of me. I don't do this very often, and I'll probably take it down, but enjoy it while it lasts! This is from graduation day :)

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